Sunday, October 12, 2014

Show your stripes

I took Friday off, making this a 4-day weekend for me. Dropped by school yesterday to pick up some papers to grade, but all the security gates were down in preparation for Saturday night Homecoming festivities.
With my green pen retired for the foreseeable future, I considered my options. Dinner with friends, Mr. Fairway's plans to try a new chicken chili recipe, and the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday. While we never have the Packer Parties for which my Wisconsin in-laws are famous, The Mister and I do a pretty good job cheering on the Pack.
I've got one more day off before my return to Room 215. History shows us that Christopher Columbus was a slave-trader who should hardly be celebrated. But I'll take the extra day. Maybe I'll do something tomorrow to atone for his sins.


retired not tired said...

It is a Canadian long weekend as well. We celebrate Thanksgiving. Enjoy yours!

Rhonda Albom said...

Love your bumble bee socks.

Visiting from Sunday's in my City

Melissa B. said...

They do look like bumble bee socks, don't they? Only in the Green & Gold of the Packers, who won in the last six seconds of the game yesterday!


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