Friday, October 10, 2014

Orange is the new black

2. A blog post inspired by the color orange.

Well, in the case of the OBX, orange turns to pink turns to Montego Bay magenta fairly quickly as the sun sets.
When La Familia Scribe first started visiting North Carolina's Outer Banks almost three decades ago, Mr. Fairway always wanted to be in a prime position as the sun began its descent on the western horizon. A gin-and-tonic in a tall, frosted glass, and a semi-tropical sunset - his ideas of paradise.
Poor Mr. Fairway. We learned on that trip - and subsequent journeys since - that the OBX sun doesn't just sink into the horizon like that hot ball of gas traditionally does in other vacation venues. As it begins its slow march toward the farthest reaches of the Currituck Sound, the sun plays hide-and-seek with the puffy cumulus that become its artistic palette.
Eventually, the sun dips behind one of its cotton-candy companions, and stays hidden until darkness creeps over the whole scene.
The OBX sun is a rather shy companion, but a comforting one, as well.



Merisi said...

Gorgeous images!

Happy Sky Watch,

Tara R. said...

Even the sun takes a vacation at OBX.


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