Thursday, September 25, 2014


 Writer's Workshop Prompt #2: Share a quote you love.
The quote above is credited to elder-rights activist and iconoclast Maggie Kuhn. A colleague shared this, along with the uncredited photo, on an English Department message board that we teachers use to facilitate "digital" meetings.
Along with the novel concept that we can "meet" without the hassle and time commitment of actually "meeting," technology has connected us in several other ways. For example, I am now in proud possession of several yummy recipes, which colleagues have shared during time we were supposed to be discussing student achievement and the latest in data analysis (I know - I'm an English teacher, but have learned more about math in the past decade than I prefer to acknowledge).
And my "team" leader - a woman of reserved demeanor often sprinkled liberally with well-timed comments directed at those in charge - employs this online space not only to keep us in touch with our craft but to entertain and generally inform us. I often smile when regarding prescient aphorisms, trite but funny cat memes ("Hang in there, baby!") and the occasional historical footnote sometimes aimed as a jab at those above us who neither know us nor know how to do their jobs correctly.
If you know who captured this Superior Snap - I'm told it's a shotgun house in New Orleans, circa post-Katrina desperation - please share. I've researched the photographer in vain, but was proud to come close to the origin of the quote. 


TMW Hickman said...

Great quote! It is good that you have this group!

Mary Johnson said...

Brilliant quote. I have to remember to take courage when my voice is unsure.

kelley jensen said...

That is a very encouraging quote and a good support group. I enjoyed your post today. I hope you find the photographer. It's a great capture. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

Carol said...

Technology is good for many reasons!!! Great connection with your colleagues.
Good quote.

Tara R. said...

The snap definitely looks like it could be in New Orleans. Great quote.

Mama Kat said...

That is an amazing message! And I'm glad it's on the side of a house, where so many people will pass by and see it. Powerful.


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