Monday, September 29, 2014

This Just In: Common Core

A list of eight insipid inservice sessions. We were "tasked" to select five that applied. What kind of a verb is "tasked," anyway?
That curriculum team leaders (the folks who supervise the different grade level instruction in each department) were getting pizza for lunch, but first had to sit through something called a "fishbowl session." Then, we all were encouraged to join in the fun, then get the pizza. Um, no, thanks!
My team leader called in sick and cancelled our group's sessions. Therefore, I was done at 11 a.m. I dutifully spent four hours in a meeting, however - with myself. Treated myself to lunch, too!
During a morning sesh dubbed "Survivor" for some silly reason, we were told that interpreting our state's education standards involved the ability to "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast." Ummmmm, I'm not sure why that is. And no, my state has not adopted the so-called Common Core standards. Oh, no - ours are much more convoluted and redundant.
Some of you might remember the Ladybug Inservice. Yes, I was feeling that way again this morning.

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