Sunday, September 7, 2014

Off the Eaten Path

As some of you may know, Ella Numera Una graduated from law school a couple of years ago, and now is plying her trade in the great state of North Carolina. Wanting to branch out beyond the legalese of her day job, she's put down roots as a foodie, too.
For about a year, Una has manned the helm at Off The Eaten Path, a blog that celebrates not only the good things to eat in her neck of the woods, but explores the Tar Heel State and beyond, venturing back home to DC, out to her college days in Wisconsin, and even giving a nod to the OBX that La Familia Scribe knows and loves so well.
The Mommy Blogger in me would like to brag that Una picked up her interest in the medium from moi. That very well might be true, but her work is also much more widely read and appreciated than mine. Pardon my bragging when I say that she has become somewhat of a foodie phenom in her community. She attends tastings, gets invited to both modest and swanky hangouts, and even recently served as a judge for a local celebrity chef cookoff. It goes without saying that I'm more than a little bit impressed. Proud Mama Bear is more like it.
Here's a roundup from one of Una's August posts, along with her tribute to Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar, one of the high points of every one of our OBX visits for more than 25 years. And of course, a DC-born-and-bred foodie worth her Wordpress would be remiss if she didn't pay tribute to the Capital City's iconic Ben's Chili Bowl.
The trouble, of course, with being a blogger in this mien means food is involved. So, if you're ever craving something from the kitchen, visit Una at Off the Eaten Path instead of indulging in the calories. You'll be glad you did.


retired not tired said...

Food is always good!

Tara R. said...

This warms my heart, and makes my tummy growl. Congrats to Una on her foodie celebrity.

molly said...

I love the word play in the title of this post


Chrissie Nelson said...

Thanks for the shoutout mamasita!! I'm so happy you are blogging again, I always look forward to reading your posts!

StarTraci said...

You have every right to be a proud Mommy and proud Blogger Mommy.
I love that she has found such a fun passion!


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