Thursday, September 4, 2014

Neon Jungle

Backing out of the garage Thursday morning, I saw a curious sight. The sun, as always, was rising in the East. And the Mandavilla hanging in a basket near my driveway was on fire.
I'm known in the fam as somewhat of a green thumb. Ella Numera Dos, in fact, calls me "The Plant Whisperer." I acquired this once sad but now flaming basket out in Wisconsin, while I was visiting on one of our "Great American Silo Trips" from the East Coast to the Upper Midwest.
The poor old soul was gasping for breath - or whatever sad sack plants gasp for. I transported it home (1,000 miles, give or take), transplanted it and nurtured it through the winter in Room 215. When I brought the now-robust plant home in June, it thrived on its perch in the front yard.
But what a sight this morning! Almost made the first week of school worth it.


HansHB said...


ladyfi said...

Nice shot.

Jim said...

Sydney – City and Suburbs

Pearl Maple said...

thanks for sharing your pretty morning view

Tara R. said...

I don't have a green thumb, more like brown... or black. I could kill plastic flowers. Your Mandavilla rivals the sunrise.

Laura said...

beautiful deep purples!


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