Sunday, August 17, 2014

Words to live by

As I mentioned the other day, our high school soon will welcome our third principal in four years. Those of us who have taught here for eons - and with 20 years under my belt, I count myself as a veteran - can't help but be a tad apprehensive about what is to come.

Our longtime principal, before the rapid change-in-command, had a motto that was memorialized on a banner that hung in our school's front lobby for 15 years. I'm sad to report that someone recently removed the banner. I sincerely hope that this little bit of housekeeping is not a sign of unwise decisions to come.

The motto was simple and forthright, and taken to heart by many of the 2,700 who attempt to peacefully co-exist each school day in a building constructed to accommodate 1,800.

Since this wonderful man's retirement in 2007, we've had two "climbers" in charge: One who wore Disney ties in the mistaken belief that his awkward fashion choices would bring him closer to the masses, and another who couldn't get away from us fast enough as he scrambled to the next rung of the promotion ladder.

I've spent the better part of the last year or two hunkered down in Room 215, waiting for the dust to settle from a series of attrocious administrative decisions. So, I'm going to spend the next week taking care of myself, the better to follow up on the rest of this motto when I return to school on the 25th. 


Christy said...

Oh I love that motto! I hope better things come your way soon. My motto last year was "just today," which is less awesome and far more desperate.

retired not tired said...

I hope your new principal stays around for a while. Nothing worse than changing the guard all of the time.

Tara R. said...

Here's to a new year and new principal... hope they are both Keepers.

Claudya Martinez said...

Oh no, that is so much change in such a short amount of time. I love that sign, why would anyone take it down?


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