Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't Toy with Me

I live in the DC area. Three  years ago, we had two winters, with a huge Christmas Week storm (luckily, I was visiting the OBX at the time) and another one at the beginning of February 2010. During that season of the Snowpocalypse, the Gods flung more than 55 inches of the white stuff our way.
In fact, according to the National Weather Service, DC's Winter of 2009-2010 was the snowiest on record. School was closed for weeks at a time. It seemed, in fact, that we missed the entire month of February. Mounds of plowed snow 15 feet high surrounded the high school and didn't really melt into little puddles until mid-April.

We waddled around in long-neglected snow gear, doing colorful and often mismatched imitations of the Michelin Man. We sort of felt like the whole thing wouldn't be over 'til the Fat Lady sang, so we all eventually joined the chorus, asking the school district to throw caution to the winds and let the buses roll. Even my cherubs were grateful when local authorities cleared the boulevard in front of the school and flung open the doors to our citadel of learning, such as it is.
Imagine our relief, then, when snow wasn't much of a variable in the school calendar last year. The airport registered merely a half-inch - not even enough to make a snowball. And this year, to date? A hearty 1.5 inches, I'm told.
So it's understandable that the Weather Dudes are getting all worked up over a coastal storm that's supposed to head our way on Tuesday night, into Wednesday. The term "accumulating snow" has been bandied about. The National Weather Service says we "could" get "significant snowfall."
I, and my fellow beleagured brethren in the public school ranks, could use a break. But Mother Nature, as we all know, is a fickle mistress. She could decide to pass us up, and camp out for an extended period in Boston, which has been buried several times already this year. Or she could decide to allow temps to rise, which would totally change the complexity of Wednesday's storm to what is known in the meteorological trade as a "rain event."

I sure could use a little quality time in the big comfy chair at home, with a cup of hot cocoa as my only companion. But at the risk of trotting out a shop-worn cliché, I'll believe it when I see it. Or when the Fat Lady sings. Or something like that.


Jeanie said...

All of my best snow wishes are coming your way.

Tracy P. said...

Yep, we're doubters here too. Should be starting any minute, but there hasn't even been a hint of a snow day around here this year. Just enough to make a few dicey commutes.

Queenie Jeannie said...

You can have mine!!! It's been a horrible, cold, snowy, gray winter over here! But...the sun came out on Saturday, and it's still out today! YAY!!!!!

Wishing you lots of snow, and no more for me!


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