Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello, Kitty!

Hello, Kitty! 

Ella Numera Una, 25, considers herself a paragon of fashion - sometimes - and the ultimate defender of comfort at others.

Her foray into the law, which culminates this week with two strenuous days sitting for the North Carolina Bar Exam, exemplifies this fluctuating fashion sense.

She's spent the past week at the OBX with us, alternately catching a wave, sunning herself and stressing over her bar review materials. There have been a few tears, but many more smiles, which is a good thing.

Una is coming out of the narrow tunnel vision that only two-plus months of intense study can bring. She's been holed up in her Wisco apartment, poring over books, practice tests, flashcards. She's in line for a legal position in Charlotte, NC, when she passes the bar.

Note that I said "when," not "if." A self-described "good test-taker," Una's got this one nailed. Speaking as a proud Mom, I'm confident that three years of hard work and her recent test review regimen will pay off with a passing score.

The North Carolina Board of Bar Examiners sent Una a raft of rules that she must comply with. She is prohibited from bringing anything to the test that will give her an unfair advantage.Only ID, test ticket and some cash (for breaks, we suppose) in a quart-size, Ziploc bag; laptop and power cord in a larger, clear, preferably vinyl, bag.

"Mom, that means that everyone in the dang place will know that I have my female friend," Una protested, packing her trusty tampons into the TSA-size bag, along with requisite ID, etc.

"You may bring your laptop in a bag; however, the bag must be transparent," the Bar Examiners explained. "Meaning, the contents of the bag must be clearly visible. The bag may have a tint, but again, the contents must be clearly visible from the outside of the bag."

Before departing the OBX Sunday afternoon, we went looking for an appropriate - read "legal" - laptop container. After breezing through beachwear accessories, we had settled on a tasteful blue tote at a local Big Box emporium. Making our way to the cashier, we cut through the back-to-school section.

There, we stumbled upon the Find of the Century. Ella Numera Una characterized this flash of serendipity thusly in a post on Facebook, which, to date, has dozens of "likes" and comments.

"Whelp," she typed, obviously elated at this trip back down Memory Lane, "This is what the Kitty Hawk Wal-Mart had to offer. I'm ready to take the bar exam!"



Paloma said...

LOL! Well... at least she found something :) how uncomfortable to have to carry everything in clear stuff... could she have some hidden pocket in her clothes for those other "things" she needs to carry? Just wondering :)

Funny post! :)

Jeanie said...

I love it....she indeed found the perfect bag. Kudos to your daughter and congratulations for the test she WILL pass.

Sarah said...

Some strange rules I'll say. I wonder who will be more embarrassed--the examinar or the examinee? She will do well with the bar for sure.

Tara R. said...

The perfect bag for an up-and-coming lawyer. LOVE it.


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