Monday, April 2, 2012



The days melt away and disolve when I'm in my own world, outside Room 215. I'm down at the OBX this week, basking in dark, hovering storm clouds and being buffeted by gale-force winds. We're told by the Weather Dude that the situation ~ weather-wise, at any rate ~ will improve tomorrow and Wednesday ~ a meteorological event we're looking forward to immensely.

The end of the quarter occurred last week. Grades, however, are not due until next week. This situation, as you might imagine, leads to much procrastination on the part of me and my education brethren. I've had plenty of time, however, to hang out on the deck, trudge the beach (even when winds crest at 30 mph) and tap on the computadora.

I guess that's what a vacation is for ~ down time, taking a deep breath. And discovering an off-center tschotske like the one above. If you add the numbers together, you get "eleven" ~ the number of days between the Friday before Spring Break and the day I return to school.

Left it where it lay. It was gone with high tide this morning, along with any enthusiasm I once possessed for grading the aforementioned student papers.


Tracy P. said...

What? They assigned you homework over spring break? That is unthinkable!

CG said...

Hi, I am a student studying to be a secondary teacher. I was wondering on average how much time you spend on grading homework in any given week? Thank you for your time.


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