Sunday, March 4, 2012

Put on My Walkin' Shoes

Put on My Walkin' Shoes

I gave up queso for Lent. Yes, to y'all unschooled in the diction of a Tejana, that would be cheese, in all its forms. So, for the next five weeks, I'll be without those delicacies I hold dear to my heart: Tex-Mex, pizza and, of course, nachos.

As part of my Lenten Rehabilitation, as it were, I've also taken up walking. I live about a mile from a well-known run/hike/bike trail. It's an old railroad bed that travels through almost 50 miles of urban/suburban/rural terrain in Northern Virginia, from Arlington to Purcellville. Both Union and Confederate troops commandeered this route toward the beginning of its more than 100-year tenure as one of the preeminent rail lines in the region.

So, this is the routine, should I choose to pursue it: Stroll down to the trail; meander about two miles at a quasi-urgent, heartbeat-raising rate to the "downtown" area of my DC 'Burb. Stop for coffee, then stroll back home through town, taking a more circuitous route.

Supporters of my new regimen are taking bets: Will she give up on the queso or the walking first? Only time will tell. I do know one thing, though. I'll probably be noshing on nachos long before I ever walk those 50 historic miles on my neighborhood trail.


Kelly said...

I would find giving up cheese much more difficult than doing the walking!

I like the angle of your shot today.

Lighthousegal said...

For me, giving up cheese would not be a difficult task, being lactose intolerant. I love the white cheeses and do indulge myself at times, but try to keep it to small amounts.
The walking would be a wonderful thing. It sounds like you have a perfect place for the task. But, I know how it is to get the motivation to follow through. Best of luck to you.

TortugaRachel said...

My money is on your succumbing to the call of the queso.

I wish you best of luck in both your new endeavors!

Gemma Wiseman said...

A great endeavour! It's good to use a particular season to inspire new habits! I love walking so that would be the easy part! Not too fussed about nachos - can't remember the last time I ate those! But cheese! That's another matter altogether! Love your photo of your feet in waiting!

Jeanie said...

Good luck in your efforts. Nachos and a cerveza sound like a good reward after a long walk. :)

Tara R. said...

Good luck with the walking routine and with going sans queso. I'm not sure which would be harder for me to stuck with either.

Tracy P. said...

Creating some time and space in your world for seeing things you don't ordinarily see; recognizing our cravings, especially the ones which, in the end, the _________ we are giving up won't actually satisfy; putting your body to the work it was designed have all the pieces in place for a meaningful Lent. May it be all it was intended to be. :-)

Nick Petro said...

Eat queso WHILE walking :)


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