Monday, February 6, 2012



I've never seen the Showtime miniseries, although I've been told on more than one occasion that I should. Recent weather, however, has made me feel a little like a middle-aged pot user, if not a dealer.

My neighbor's camellias are blooming. Daffodils are coming up around the 'hood. This little critter popped his head up the other day, daring me to laugh at him.

Room 215
faces almost due south. When the sun comes up at Oh, Dark Thirty, it hangs around, most of the blessed darn day. The combo of a blazing winter sun - a paradox, I realize - and the old-school building heat that won't shut down has encouraged me, on more than one occasion, to wear sleeveless blouses to work.

I have no quarrel with the weather, of late - temps hovering at 60 degrees or above. But I'm hovering on that line between the need to administer assessments (read "tests") of various magnitudes and telling my cherubs to just chill, and sing "Kumbayah."

Global Warming? Anyone?


Jeanie said...

No global warming here....about 2 feet of snow from Friday and Saturday are now melting.
"Kumbayah" sounds like way more fun than testing, but it may not impress the powers that be.

Lucy said...

I am so used to reading a ton of posts right about now people complaining they can't wait for spring but instead I am reading posts about the lack of winter and what will they do with all the bugs, makes me laugh! I run away to Arizona in the winter now so no complaining, none at all!!!

Tracy P. said...

I heart global warming.

epmom6 said...

I am enjoying the pretty weather, but I miss winter!


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