Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh, Say, Can You See?

Super Bowl XXV. The Buffalo Bills (who?) vs. the New York Giants (them?). Our soldiers had marched off to the Persian Gulf to put down Saddam Hussein the first time around.

I was preoccupied with a new baby and a new job. I had just come off maternity leave, had transferred departments in my company, was coping with a 9-to-5 job for the first time since the previous summer.

The lights dimmed. More than 73,000 fans in that Tampa stadium waved tiny American flags. And Whitney Houston opened up her mouth and sang.

Much has been made of the up-tempo jazz chords and the gospel underpinnings of this version of our National Anthem. I was more struck by this young woman's pride for her country and her genuine happiness in the moment.

I don't know who won the game. I do know that I sat with my six-month-old little girl in my lap. And cried. Like a baby.


Melinda Ott said...

That was one of my favorite Whitney songs as well....

Lucy said...

I don't believe I ever saw that but as usual, wow, Whitney's voice,so moving.

Sarah said...

Can't say I liked the way people change the song around, but she did have a fantastic voice!


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