Monday, January 30, 2012

Room for One More?

Room for One More?

The end of the semester means a couple of things in the World of High School.

First off, we're halfway through the school year. Then, there's the fact that the cherubs have a four-day weekend (Saturday through Tuesday), so that their teachers can get papers graded and grades recorded.

Of course, there's also what I like to call the Focus Factor.

When one is involved in the teaching of electives such as newspaper and yearbook, certain perquisites - for the journalistas, at any rate - are involved. One is the unwritten law that the dispatching of a deadline requires a fiesta.

Food, glorious food.

Not sure if I've mentioned this, but I have 41 cherubs in my yearbook class. They decided to throw themselves a pizza party last week, to celebrate their recent accomplishments. Never mind that their spreads are full of typos, and the editors will probably have to remake the whole dang deal when the proofs come back.

Their reasoning? They worked hard. They're entitled.

Of course, being the pushover that I am, I dutifully collected two bucks apiece from my charges and called Papa John's. If you haven't taken an up close and personal gander at the above snap, that's 11 pizza boxes sitting outside Room 215. Eleven empty pizza boxes. I reckon my kiddos dispatched with the whole shebang in under 90 seconds.

The good news is I spent today getting my house in order and making sure each of my almost 160 cherubs had a grade that reflected their efforts - or lack thereof. Tomorrow, though, comes the insipid inservice. Four hours of alleged "professional development," while deep down inside yearning for a nap.

I know, I'm a schlub. But June seems right around the corner.


Kim said...

It's all downhill from here! Congrats on getting through the first semester!

Lucy said...

They will devise any reason for a pizza party won't they? LOL
You are half way there!!!

Tracy P. said...

Way to buckle down and get it done! Papa John's is yum!

TortugaRachel said...

[insert sarcasm]
Yay! Inservice!
[end sarcasm]

Bring a good book.

Laura Ellenburg's EDM 310 Class Blog said...

That is quite a stack of pizza boxes!

Congratulations on finishing the first semester successfully! I hope the next semester goes well for you and your students.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

congrats on getting through the first semester, good luck with the new semester!

my jaw dropped looking at that stack of pizza boxes!

love me some pizza now! btw that photo is wonderful.



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