Monday, January 23, 2012

Let It Snow

Let It Snow

While others watched the NFL playoffs on Sunday, the Mister and I watched golf. Well, he watched a tournament, played in arid and balmy Palm Springs, while I graded papers and hoped with great futility for snow.

We Green Bay Packers Backers had nothing much better to do. We had hoped to see San Francisco avenge our honor by playing the role of Giants-slayers. No such luck. Let's just say that nobody we care about is playing in the impending Super Bowl. A good thing, too. I'll be able to catch up on my beauty sleep.

Since the foosball (Kathy Bates, "The Water Boy") is essentially over for the season in our house, I've taken to praying for snow days. My more scientifically inclined cherubs, however, tell me that because of a La NiƱa pattern off the Pacific Coast, I shouldn't anticipate precipitation of the frozen variety anytime soon. Nothing, at any rate, on the order of the Snowpocalypse of two years ago.

So, I'm left to read Great Gatsby papers written by less-than-enthusiastic AP kiddos, who would rather skim the SparkNotes covering a 185-page classic than actually delve into the literature and enjoy themselves. That, and hope the Snow Gods bless us with some unexpected time off sometime soon.

I'm wearing my lucky snowman socks. Just in case.


Jeanie said...

I will be glad to send our next big storm your way.

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I love those socks! They're awesome! And of course the AP Langers don't want to read The Great Gatsby-- I would rate that book the worst classic I ever read. Definitely not up there with Lord of the Flies or To Kill a Mockingbird. Worthless and depressing, although I guess it did what I thought it was trying to do-- deglamorize the '20's.

Amy said...

Whaaaat? The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books ever. (And one of my favorite Sarah Vowell essays makes a delightful mention of it. Maybe FB that later.) That's one I knew I liked even in hs--and we know how not well I read in hs.

Tara R. said...

I hope the socks bring you some good luck and plenty of snow days.

momto8 said...

it is interesting for me to hear a teachers can only imagine the perspective I get from kids....ha! I am your newest follower pls follow back if you can. and unfortunately we are Eagles fans.


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