Thursday, December 29, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Mama Kat's Assignment: Choose a favorite post from each month
of 2011 and share.

Although I'll be celebrating a rather prolific four years of blogging in March, those of you who've popped in here from time to time in twenty-eleven know that I've dialed back my ruminations this calendar year.

I reckon we could delve into the psychological murk that is moi to determine cause and effect, but I'm pretty sure work, family and other pressing obligations wedged their way into my life, causing what we in DC term a "loss of creative output." Herein, however, are a few of my favorite things from my own personal bloggy airwaves of 2011:

January: A bald eagle literally swept into my life and carried me away - metaphorically, at any rate.

February: My chicas raised a ruckus at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. They joined tens of thousands of like-minded Americans protesting on behalf of teachers like their Mom. And even though they are peaceful, law-abiding young women, they got into a tussle with an individual from what we can only characterize as "the other side."

March: Wherein procrastination allowed me to uncover a delicious piece of history from the archives of La Familia Scribe.

April: Kids say the darnedest things. And so do their teachers, on occasion.

May: Come to find out that quite a few of my favorite posts originate with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, today's venue as well. Wherein I exercise my poetic chops on a recent phone call.

June: Yes, it's true. Nachos are my life. Another Mama Kat offering. Why do I blog? You tell me!

July: A day in the life of Pepper the Cat. Like sands through the hour glass...

August: I hail from DC, the Land of Verbal Garbage. New Yorkers, however, do a different kind of Trash Talking.

September: A teacher's retrospective on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

October: As we continue to wallow in the backwash of economic detritus, one Denver drycleaner makes a clean sweep of his feelings for his fellow man.

November: As I did a little more than a month ago, I dare you not to cry after watching this touching video, also featured at the top of this post.

December: Not to brag, but some of the best nuggets on this blog are serendipitous. Yes, my jolly colleagues make asses of themselves, from time to time. This post, featuring a snide e-mail, is no exception to that rule.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am off to read!

April said...

Here via Mama Kat and looking forward to coming here more often in 2012!

Heather said...

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Have a great day!


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