Monday, December 12, 2011

Seeing Red


What with the stress of the upcoming holidays and all, it's no wonder some of us feel out of sorts. In a high school, any tiny thing could make one's temperature soar, from the cranky heating system that recently decided to blow frigid air on a cold winter's day to the AP Lang cherub who just scored a whopping 18.5 on a 100-point test.

But I don't often get flack from my colleagues. They're a pleasant bunch, for the most part. Yes, we have the random bad apple (Get it? A teacher?), but I generally work with a group of mellow fellows. Which is why I was so surprised to receive the following e-mail from a math teacher, regarding a mutual student:

Mrs. Scribe:

1. Was AG with you during my Spartan Time period (emphasis, hers)?
2. And, if she was, why did you allow this?

I really would appreciate my students being with me during my Spartan Time.

Ms. Logic

To explain, briefly. Our school has an enrichment/remediation period every other day. It's called Spartan Time, named for our mascot. Students are free to go to any classroom for help on some days, and are assigned to others. The period in question was first period, last Friday. Since I don't have a first period class, I knew someone was telling a little white lie, and it twern't me.

I guess this gal had a burr under her saddle blanket. The student in question, after all, had told her that Mrs. Scribe had summoned her to Room 215 for Yearbook business, no doubt, causing her to miss her math remediation.

Quick thinker that I am, I diffused the situation thusly:

Ms. Logic:

1. AG was not with me. I do not have a first period, so do not allow students to do Spartan Time with me during this period (emphasis, mine).
2. I'm sad that you would believe an unreliable source like AG and assume that I would encroach on another teacher's Spartan Time.
3. Smile. It's almost Winter Break!:)

Mrs. Scribe

When I get stressed, I tend not to lash out at colleagues, except perhaps in this space. I go to my happy place, which in this case is the lovely landscaping around Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco, where I wandered the day after Thanksgiving.

So much for seeing red.

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Jeanie said...

I would say you resolved the issue well and with a little humor, which it sounded like Ms Logic needed.

Tara R. said...

Your response was most Superior. Hopefully it did the job.

Emille said...

You did well!:)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You handled this so well!


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