Saturday, November 5, 2011

Out from Under the Rock

The Rock

I've been living under a rock.

Notwithstanding yesterday's post, I do think I've been in some kind of a blue funk the last several months.

As I enumerated on Tuesday, the scourge of my discontent is now history. The School District's Grand Poobahs picked a new principal for my high school. I think I'll be a happy camper ~ at least for a good long while.

Principal Man ~ my nemisis, whom I hated with the passion of a thousand burning suns (my apologies to the "Shrew," Kathryn, and my fellow English scribe, Mr. Shakespeare), departed these environs on Monday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon, everything seemed to change for the better.

As PM's successor, the District selected a youngish go-getter, who fits the profile of my high school like a glove. He's from the neighborhood, a 1987 grad of the place in which I teach. He's coming home, more or less.

New Guy (more positive connotation than Principal Man, don't you think?) came to our auditorium announcement sporting a fresh attitude and a whole lot of nostalgia for the old dump in which our students matriculate (the building is in its 46th year ~ most of us who've toiled here a good long while believe the Powers That Be should just wreck this edifice and start over).

New Guy even brought his letter jacket from 1987. Yes, he's an aging high school athlete, who still holds a 25-year-old track-and-field record from his alma mater.

A few of my colleagues are shouting "Jock sniffer!" and deriding New Guy as a lightweight. But seriously, folks, there's no direction for us to go but up.

We're trading a man most of us (students and teachers alike) called the Warden for someone who seems to be more than a little optimistic about about our future.

I could be naive, but today I prefer to put a positive spin on things. Refreshing, huh?


That corgi :) said...

Change like this sounds like it is going to be a good one! I am glad there is a new principal at your school and that someone you weren't fond of has moved on. I hope this change helps you to get out from under that rock and stay out from under that rock and that your days of teaching are more pleasant and smooth in the months ahead!


Elizabeth said...

Cool blog.



Debbie said...

Always best to attempt to make some sort of lemonade out of those lemons. Hang in there - change is good!

Susan (Reading World) said...

Good luck to you and your school. I'm sure the new principal appreciates being given the benefit of the doubt.

Jeanie said...

I think the key may be what you said about there being no direction to go but up. It sounds like New Guy will bring new energy and a positive change. We will look forward to hearing how it goes.

Toriz said...

Good way to look at it, and I hope the change is as positive as you hope! :)

Kasi said...

Beautiful blog! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

Robert said...

Hoping for all the best for you. Been there, we also got a younger, former grad of our campus two years ago too. But he is turned out to be a penny pinching program killer. Hope you do well with New Guy. New principals always bring new hope I think.

whereslanda said...

I've had so many older principles, both male and female during my teaching days, but the younger ones seem to have more energy and life which is good for schools, especially high schools. Hope he turns out to be great. :)

Tara R. said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that New Guy breathes some new life into your school. Good luck!


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