Monday, November 14, 2011

A Hot Mess

Hot Mess

I'll be grading my AP Lang cherubs' journals today. Above is an example of one of the hazards of being a high school English teacher.

This particular kiddo is an "A" student, although I don't believe she received the top grade for this assignment.

It seems she was pressed for time, and decided to do her homework while sitting on the bench at her game. Until the field hockey coach called her up to play. And then, of course, the skies let loose with a tropical downpour.

I reckon you can see by my notations on this journal entry that I was more bemused than angry. Occasions like this come with the territory. At least she turned her assignment in.


Tara R. said...

Like with our own kids, we pick our battles. As you said, at least she turned in the assignment, and hopefully learned another valuable lesson.

Ida said...

What an interesting subject for your photo. I loved reading the explanation behind it. Reminds me of the College paper I once turned in where I had forgot to cross all my "t's" and "f's" and dot the "i"'s to save time. The teacher got a big kick out of it though.

Toriz said...

Like you said, at least she turned in her assignment. And she'll probably be a bit more careful next time. ;)


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