Thursday, November 17, 2011

Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool

Mama Kat's Prompt #5: Write a love letter to an inanimate object.

Dear Neighborhood Oasis:

You are my sunshine. And while not my only sunshine, you make me happy, even when skies are gray. Let's face it: When I bathe in your warm waters, the chlorine bubbles skimming over my back as I swim laps, I feel alive.

I beat the heat in your surrounding shadows. I let all my worries slip below your surface in the deep end. I exist in the realm of an Endless Summer when I tread your sunsplashed cement decks.

My family grew up in the womb of your warm embrace. Your name is synonymous with the sounds, scents and scenes of the best season of all.

I have no more to say to you, because with your very existence, enough is said. And yes, I'm drowning in clich├ęs, but that's OK. Because, dear friend, you complete me.

We've bid "adieu" to you until well after the Vernal Equinox rolls around next year. But I will remember you when the snow piles up against my azaleas, and we are buried under the weight of too many snow days that we'll have to make up at the end of June.

Just remember: You made me who I am today.

Until we meet again, I remain your friend, my friend.
Mrs. Scribe


Kim said...

That was a lovely tribute.

The pic makes me wanna dive into the cool water.

Blog Stalker said...

nicely done

MissKris said...

Oh, Melissa...we meet and we part and we meet and we part, lol! I see Blog Stalker is here, too, and I just came across her by clicking on an old link on my blog, where I came across you also. Sigh. Life has been such a HUGE roller coaster for my family this past year. We moved the entire kit and kaboodle of us to Michigan this year so life is full of all kinds of adventures and adjustments. I am pathetically NOT very 'regular' on my blog any more but I thought I would stop by and at least say hello! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (((HUG)))

Toriz said...

Lovely post!

Sarah said...

And the best part is somebody else is maintaining it.


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