Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caught Red-Handed

Caught Red-Handed

Since I'm a high school teacher, several common American pastimes are basically verboten in my world: Dressing too much for success, vacations in Bora-Bora and, well, long lunches with friends.

My daily lunch routine goes something like this: Pull a container of leftovers from the fridge; microwave said container; shovel down last night's spaghetti-stir fry-chicken whatever, either at my desk, or down the hall in what once was known as the "Teacher's Lounge," now termed the "Work Room," for those of us on the Politically Correct side of life.

We technically have 30 minutes for lunch. But that includes a potty break and getting ready for the next classful of cherubs. So, make that 20 minutes, on a good day.

That's why, on days when I'm at work but my students are not (usually the break between quarters reserved for grading and report-card frivolity), I enjoy an occasional lunch out with friends.

Last Tuesday was no exception. I made it through piles of student papers by noon, then headed out to meet one of my buds.

I arrived at the restaurant, and parked in a proper spot. I promise!

After a lovely couple hours of delightful conversation and comestibles, I arrived back in the parking lot to acquire Big Blue, my 2002 Camry, and head on back to school.

Gone. Like a freight train. Like yesterday. Like a '59 Cadillac, for Pete's sake (and with apologies to Montgomery Gentry). I had parked, apparently, in a "no parking" zone. A truck uncerimoniously arrived during my respite and towed my modest wheels on down the highway. It took a $15 cab ride and a $110 towing fee to spring Big Blue from the slammer.

This is why, I suppose, I don't go out to lunch much. Too pricey.


GW Bill Miller said...

$125 is an expensive lunch. Kind of a bummer.

Jeanie said...

My car got towed once and the shock of the car just not being where you left it is a crazy feeling. I'm sorry that your lunch out had to end that way.

chubskulit said...

Holly molly, what a really pricey lunch. Lesson learned.

Ruby Tuesday, have a nice day!

Toriz said...

I'd never have that problem; we don't have a car. ;)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, ouch, ouch, ouch!!!!!


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