Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dress for Success

Dress for Success

Does the high school principal ~ who also happens to be my boss ~ count? Herewith, please find a schoolwide e-mail that popped up in all our in boxes Wednesday afternoon, the day after Back-to-School Night.*

Good afternoon—

I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful evening last night. As I stood by the Main Office at the end of the night, many parents stopped to thank me for providing them a great opportunity to learn more about the school in general, establish connections to you all while learning everything about your classes, and just feel like they are full partners in their student’s education. I did not receive one negative comment last night or today about our BTSN activities. That says a lot about your organization and presentations, positive outlooks toward learning and education, caring attitudes about their children, knowledge about your content, your overall professionalism, and the list goes on.

Many of you dressed up and looked really good and professional. I would consider doing that more often and not just special evenings. Of course, Fridays are our spirit days, but the other days—feel free to dress up. It changes the mood of the school and your individual classrooms!

Last night was just another example of why this is a great school to learn and work at! Thank you for all you did to make it a successfully positive evening for our parents and your peers!

Have a great afternoon.

Principal Man

*Some names changed to protect the innocent. Or the stupid. You choose. Photo courtesy of Bello Photography


Amy said...

I was talking on the phone with my parents on Tuesday night, and they were once again rejoicing that their 22 years of back-to-school nights were over. I remain glad that that's not a requirement for college teaching.

euregirlsandboys said...

So do you now feel free to dress up? :) Were you not allowed to dress up before? This is funny.

ljo said...

I would have to edit his letters with a red pen for therapy. Things have changed since my time there, but I hope it's still a good place to work (at).

Paula Kiger said...

LOL I like the sentences that talks about how dressing up changes the mood ... ending with an exclamation point!! Something tells me the email changed YOUR mood to something that doesn't end with a happy exclamation point. Well, at least you've got spirit days (smile).

HappyChyck said...

I've found that in the last four weeks that the mood in my classroom certainly depends on how comfortable my shoes are.

Unknown Mami said...

You get to play dress up at school.


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