Monday, September 5, 2011

Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-School Shopping

I've been in school for a week, but Tuesday is the day that the rubber meets the road. After planning, Xeroxing, meeting, inservicing and, in general, getting ready for my cherubs for six days (yes, I went in on Saturday. Go figure), I'll be taking attendance and trying to shove some knowledge in the craniums of actual high school students come Tuesday morning.

My five classes will be crammed with 151 students this school year. For a quick reference, I'm optimally supposed to have 25 per class, max, but because I teach electives, the guidance counselors feel compelled to stuff Room 215 full to almost overflowing.

Surprisingly, I'm a teeny bit excited about the new school year, and I couldn't really tell you why. I do know that I took extra-special care in setting up my room last week (we typically have to box everything for the summer, then haul it all out again in the fall). Let's just say that Mickey D's is well-represented.

Saturday, I did something that is not at all common in my universe. I went back-to-school shopping. And I'm proud to say I found not just one new outfit, but three. Plus, I bought makeup, an occurence all-too-often unheard of when it comes to Mrs. Scribe.

As I mentioned, I'mlooking forward to the new school year. I estimate, however, that the makeup will last only as long as it takes me to jab myself in the eye with the mascara wand at 5 a.m. one random Thursday.

The jacket above is part of a two-piece seersucker ensemble I scored at TJ Maxx (a quick FYI to you fashionistas out there ~ I don't get paid enough to shop at high-end stores). Loved the retro feel of the suit, which is cream with brown stripes. Was a little iffy on the 3/4-length sleeves and leopard-print cuffs, but I've begun to embrace them.

The most difficult part about back-to-school, of course, is not the teaching. It's the getting up each morning and making the slog into work. I could use your positive vibes on that score, please.


Robert Courtemanche said...

I totally understand. I had 30 kids in my last period class. I teach in a 1:1 classroom, we had only 20 computers. We scrounged 8 more from the ones the newspaper class no longer uses (5 year old mac minis). They barely run the software. They finally moved 2 of the kids out.

Tara R. said...

Love the new jacket. I'm sure you will look delightful. Best wishes that this year's cherubs are all you hope for and more.

Jeanie said...

Sending many positive thoughts that your new school year will be as positive as you are feeling about it. I can only wish you the best of luck with the actually getting up and getting there part.

Amy said...

Chili pepper earrings. [You never know what's going to stick in your students' memories?]

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope you have an incredible year!!!! And I love your coat - it's totally my cuppa tea, lol! There are 17 kids in Bella's class and I think that's TOO MANY! Not sure about 25 - ugh!

Pseudo said...

I love that jacket. Miss wearing Fall clothes. It is always 80 degrees here and muggy.

Sarah said...

New outfits and're off to a great start!

Working Mommy said...

Horray for back-to-school!! I've always wanted to be a teacher :) Happy vibes are headed your way - and to your kids who are performing tonight!!!



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