Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Choice or a Disease?

Born in the USA

Yes, I've been Twittering away the past few weeks. My goal in life has recently been to promote #nachos as a Trending Topic. Oh, and I've delivered a little play-by-play during recent World Cup matches.

I've come to the conclusion that Twitter is the best way to fritter away one's time. Need to pick up your husband's shirts, go to the grocery store, grab a few dust devils from underneath the bed in the guest room? Well, you can Tweet about it, first. Then, after sufficient time has passed, you won't have any more (time, that is) to finish up your errands.

Oh, and if you wish to say something snarky, or carry on a private conversation in front of a gazillion people, you can do that, too.

I'd like to say that Twitter and I have a "love-hate" relationship. The truth, however, is that I've suddenly taken to this new cyber-soap opera, and I'm not quite sure why. I'm definitely exhibiting addictive tendencies.

I Tweeted 32 times during and after today's World Cup final. Some of my utterances were of the predictable "GOOAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!" variety. But I really enjoyed putting a special "spin," if you will, on some of my commentary.

I can see my newest affliction becoming an addiction down the road, say, when school gets underway in August. Perhaps I'll be the first high school teacher ever to Tweet the play-by-play in an insufferable inservice. Or perhaps during some sycophant's silly staff meeting.

Principal Man, if you're reading this, I've got your number, buddy.

So, for the reading pleasure of those who don't "follow" me on Twitter (CLICK HERE if you want to be my Special Twitter Friend), here is some scintillating World Cup Analysis, each conjured in 140 characters or less. Some of these have been edited to keep the conversation going. Twitter, beyond its many attributes, can also sometimes be about as captivating as watching paint dry.

Four of these are RTs (when you want to "publish" what another Twit says, you "retweet" it) and one is a "reply" to my own Very Special Twitter Friend, Paula Deen.

And yes, if you really must know, I managed to get in at least one plug for #nachos as a Trending Topic.

  • I want to be Hope Solo when I grow up.

  • Gosh, almost like Japan was playing "keep away" for a while there. We've really got to find some way to capitalize. Go, USA!

  • RT @TheBillWalton Hopefully Team USA is pulling a reverse-LeBron: Miss all their shots in the 1st half & look like the greatest on Earth in the 2nd half.

  • RT @_Snape_ That awkward moment when you realize #worldcupfinal isn't referring to Quidditch.

  • RT @dorothysnarker Argh! I think the goal posts are rooting for Japan.

  • "And a little child will lead them" Isaiah 11:6, yes, but we're talkin bout YOU, Alex Morgan, the youngest on the squad.

  • Not much Hope in this attempted save, ladies. USA goalie can't do it Solo, my friends!

  • @Paula_Deen Gonna need some Jalapeno Poppers after this #worldcupfinal. If @Paula_Deen endorses them, bet they're as good as #nachos!

  • RT @darrenrovell The women's World Cup trophy weighs 3.9 pounds. The men's World Cup trophy weighs 13.6 pounds.

  • As much as USA Women want to get out from beneath shadow of 1999, they can't. Ian & Julie keep hammering on comparisons.

  • Nuff said. Wambach is a BEAST!

  • Sign in stands at World Cup: Wambach for President 2012. I have a thought: Alex Morgan could be her Veep, correctamundo?

  • Maybe Obama could tap Megan Rapinoe to head up USA effort in Afghanistan. She never gives up, does she?

  • Difficult 2 a) watch WC PKs; b) go out to dinner w/ Fam; c) take Oldest to airport; d) Tweet at same time. Disappointed, but Congrats Japan!

  • Not apologizing for USA boosting. Really thought they'd win. Feel a tad bit like Toby Keith after Bush II found no Iraq WMDs.

(Photo by Alex Grimm, Getty Images)


Sarah said...

Since I don't tweet, I'd say it's a disease... :) but looks like you're having a lot of fun, so tweeton!

forgetmenot said...

Yes, I have heard of many people becoming addicted to Twittering--I'd say you are well on your way. I already have WAY too many other ways that I waste my time, so I'll pass on Twitter. I have many "things" left undone because I sit in front of the computer Blogging--but it's fun! But, on the flip side--it's your life--do what you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day. Mickie :)


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