Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

Fashion Sense

Mama Kat's Prompt #3: Share a summer camp memory.

I went to sleep-away camp, but I didn't stay long.

As I approached my 10th summer, Mom decided that Girl Scout Camp was a great idea. In my innocence, I really couldn't discern a difference between a Girl Scout Camp and a Girl Scout Cookie. I think, perhaps, I envisioned a lake and a couple of cabins and Thin Mints in the dining hall at every meal. Extras, natch, for breakfast and midnight snacks.

Most of my nascent troop, including our leader's daughter, Linda, signed up to go for a week in July. The camp was about two hours from our house, on a lake, in the woods. As the end of school neared, Linda and I got all revved up. We were gonna swim. We were gonna roast marshmallows. We were gonna tell scary stories around the campfire at night.

We were gonna sing those dorky Girl Scout songs, about making new friends, et al. Anything involving Thin Mints was OK with me.

No one told me, however, that the 'rents weren't invited. Or my little sister, pictured above (she's the short one; I'm the dork with no fashion sense).

Can you say "Mama's Girl"? We traveled by bus up to the camp in the woods. On the lake. With, perhaps, the Thin Mints in the dining room. My folks came to pick me up a couple hours later.

If you give a mouse a cookie, odds are that she still might miss her Mommy.


Tracy P. said...

This just might be my favorite post ever. Love every bit of it! Seriously. What is a Girl Scout camp without cookies? (But now I'm hungry.)

Gemini Sigler said...

Loved it! The suspense kept me until the very end and also reminded me of those dreary sleepovers, I rarely got invited to. I will be commenting about your blog on mine in a few days. Swing by and take a look. I would love some outside feedback.

Gabrielle said...

Awww! My sisters and I were very attached to our mom like that too! We hated even the idea of summer camp! I can totally relate, haha!

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

I never went to camp as a kid, but my oldest, who is very independent, did, and fared well. My youngest will be a different story - I highly doubt she'll be sleeping away from home until she's a teenager. Or married. :) Loved this post!

Sarah said...

It can be traumatic for a kid to leave her mom and dad and stay with strangers.

Stephanie Faris said...

I was in Girl Scouts only briefly, when I was 10. We went on our first camping trip, in tents. Kids were showing off how you could put your finger on the inside of the tent and the rain would leak in. Everything got soaked. That pretty much spoiled me on camping (not to mention Girl Scouts!) forever.

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