Monday, April 11, 2011

Try It...You'll Like It

A recent early-morning class in Room 215 featured several clips of Super Bowl commercials. The following conversation ensued:

Mrs. Scribe: So, how does the advertiser try to get the consumer's attention?

Student A: Um, with sex?

Student B: No, dummy. You boys always think the same. The advertiser is trying to show that men and women think differently.

Mrs. Scribe: Well, you both could be right. What's the hook?

Student C: Um, we're waiting to see what happens after his rant about sex?

Student B: We're supposed to decide that Pepsi Max is better than sex.

Mrs. Scribe: Is this believable, then? I don't really know. I've never tried Pepsi Max.

Silence. Then, Student A and his little 16-year-old friends start to giggle.


Melva said...

LOL...That is too funny. I remember once years agoa class asking if I had kids. I said I had one boy, who was probably 3 or 4. They apparently thought it odd that I had only one kid and asked if I wanted more...I replied..oh yes we are trying for another....Same reaction..silence then they react w/ laughter and I'm fixing that one. hehe Cute post :)

Amy said...

Ahahahaha mortification

Susie said...

Too funny!!!

birdermurdermama said...

Funny, funny!

One day at the end of my college comp class, I was telling my students about my first book getting published, and one of my smart aleck guys piped up: "I want to be just like Mrs. Dunlap."

I replied: "Then you'd have to get a sex-change operation."

The class went silent before erupting into laughter.

Karen Greenberg said...

I'm stopping by from Mama Kat's linky. This was hilarious. As a new teacher I found myself avoiding certain topics way too often in the first semester. My goal for next year is to be "real" with my students. I can't picture how this conversation would go over, but it did make me smile. Happy New Year!


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