Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Mama Kat's Writing Prompt #1: Something students these days should know.

When I saw this Writer's Workshop offering, I knew I had to compose my entry in the form of a Top Ten, since the body of work on this topic is voluminous. I chose, instead, to be compact, while succinctly trying to cover all the bases.

10. You and your Mother should know that when you run into me at the grocery store that I'm shopping for my family's dinner. This is decidedly not an opportune moment for a quickie parent-teacher conference.

9. You should know that respect is a two-way street. When you say something mean or thoughtless, I often take offense. Words hurt.

8. You should know that manners matter. When I ask you how you're feeling at 7:20 a.m. on a Monday, you shouldn't say "I'm tired." Isn't that stating the obvious? You should also respond with a pleasant rejoinder. "I'm fine thank you, Mrs. Scribe. How are you?" would be a good place to start.

7. You should know that when I assign you a difficult task (paper, timed writing, multiple AP journal entries, etc.), I'm putting myself through twice as much work as I'm loading up on you. In order to be a decent teacher, I must grade all those papers, you cotton-headed ninny muggins!

6. You should know that when you do an assignment for me, you should at least pretend that you care about your work. Typing (and I use that word loosely) an assignment, printing it out, and stapling it backwards and upside down without giving it another thought is not your best effort, now, is it?

5. You should know that even though I was born when the world was very, very young, I'm not a prehistoric throwback. In other words, life did not start when you entered this blessed world, nor are you the be-all, end-all authority on everything. Sometimes a life lived long is a life well-lived.

4. You should know that when you disrespect me, you disrepect yourself.

3. You should know that personal grooming in public is disgusting. No hair-styling, makeup-applying, nor zit-popping in Room 215. Thank you.

2. You should know that when you don't listen, you're only hurting yourself.

1. You should know that I have a life, too. I just spent a week of that life in San Francisco, reading, sleeping, walking around, taking a few photos and thinking about worldly concerns that don't concern you. As it should be, I reckon. See you Monday morning, OK?


Amy said...

Not that I've really ever been one for public grooming, but not doing it has definitely remained ingrained since the days in 215. It's definitely something I get cringe-y about when I see it (which is surprisingly not that often now that I think about it, though I suppose I'm witness to myriad other problems when working with the undergrad athletes).

Kelly said...

You should post this in your classroom!

Susie said...

Well put and I should post it.

Maggie S. said...

It is when telling the truth that we love another person the most. Your students are lucky to have someone who cares more about them than to accept less than their best.

Now I am embarrassed about my sentence structure.

Tracy P. said...

THIS is a great list!!

Mimi said...

OMG! One of my students was popping a zit DURING A TEST and got blood on half of his face! I was wondering if it'd be rude to offer him some Kleenex. (I didn't do it, because it'd probably further embarass him. But, goodness!)

Jessica said...

Zit popping during class is disgusting. If I was a teacher I would be less than pleased if a someone stopped me in the store to have a parent/teacher conference.

Amanda said...

It sounds like a class of teenagers. Definitely not for the faint of heart. And I didn't really know how much work goes into correcting an essay until I read my son's.

Christy said...

I would like to agree with this 1000x. We have a "No Public Grooming" rule in my classroom...and the boys are worse than the girls!! Shockingly, I have also had to institute a No Tattling and No Whining rule...and I teach sophomores! Little stinkers! I am SOOOOO glad it's spring break. 42 days to go!

400 Wakeups said...

This year will be my 15 yr high school reunion. When I think back to what a twit I was in high school, I feel really bad about the entire thing. I hope that you get to occasionally run into your students later in life, when they have had the chance to implement the lessons you unconsciously engrave on them each day and have had the chance to become a better version of themselves.

Also, I hope you had an amazing time in San Francisco. That city is nothing short of magical and while I know you love your OBX, I hope The City shows you her goods, as well! Happy Vacation!!

Skye LaDart said...

Hello again! I really enjoyed reading this post! It really spoke to me. I found everything humorous, however, I also absolutely agree with what you stated. Respect is definitely a two-way street and manners are important! Public grooming did not surprise me because I have witnessed this by former classmates and I think it should be done at home and not in the classroom!

miss jo said...

Now that's a latte--- and post--- to remember....The two Js so enjoyed your visit...While you may have left your heart in SF, you also left a lot of love.

HappyChyck said...

Amen! :-)


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