Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don't Worry; Be Happy

Don't Worry; Be Happy

When Mr. Fairway and I were first married and the world was very young, I was always struck by my MIL's concern for her three kids. Even though all three were grown, with families of their own, she couldn't sleep at night when they were visiting; that is, until one or the other knocked on her bedroom door, stuck his head in, and whispered, "Mom, we're back."

I've carried on that tradition, but with a special twist. I'm usually on-edge not when they're home, but when they're traveling.

Ella Numera Dos just winged her way back to college and is now safely ensconced in the profundities of campus life; Ella Numera Una finally made it back after 10 days in Ireland, including a Dublin pub crawl on St. Patty's Day (more on that, I'm sure, later). That's one of the Irish seascapes, above, that she captured during her sojourn.

I've trained my chicas well. They call me when they're changing planes, when they've landed and when they've finally "reached"; a term my Daddy coined for arriving home, safe and sound.

Got the last call a few minutes ago; both gals are back on home soil, and although they're not at "home," per se, they've "reached." I have no worries for now, ascribing to the anoymous quote that dictates, "Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday."

Or, as Bobby McFerrin likes to say, "Don't worry; be happy."


June Freaking Cleaver said...

I worry when my kids travel, too. I ask them to call when they've reached their destination, and again, when they've returned to their homes.

Oh, if there is bad weather in their area, I am probably going to call to see how they are faring (their cities are on my Weatherunderground list).

I imagine them rolling their eyes when they hear me say

Tara R. said...

Glad your chicas are back, safe and sound. Fortunately, my College Kid is also good about checking in with us when she's on the road.

Jeanie said...

Take my word, that need to know they are okay doesn't go away no matter how old they get.

Sarah said...

Oh the curse of being a parent..just got the 'reached' call so I'm happy!

miss jo said...

It's as important to reach as to let someone know you have ! You'll be happy to know we've have carried on the "I've reached" tradition in our West Coast bureau of nuestra familia!....What a beautiful snap of Ireland's coast. Looking forward to mas ! xoxo

blueviolet said...

I so appreciate your concern. I have that same thing and I always like those check-in calls too. Whew, glad they've landed for the moment.

Susie said...

I do theb same with my oldest:-)

400 Wakeups said...

I really like "we've reached"...I think I'm adopting it. It's just specific enough and easy enough to text. When I'm traveling, I have to keep Mom updated on my whereabouts. Even Neal has to call Mom when he can..when he landed in Ireland, then in Kuwait, and then in Iraq. But it serves a fantastic purpose. Dateline starts with "no one had missed them in several days." I don't want to be a Dateline story. I hope your daughters had a fantastic Spring Break and I hope we can get a story or 2 about St. Patty's in Ireland. I can ONLY imagine!


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