Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Melting...

I'm Melting...

Not that any of the frozen precipitation we've received in the past week shows an inclination to melt into little puddles and run down the storm drains, but the snowman pictured above pretty much jibes with the way I've been feeling of late.

Our local post office has an art gallery, of sorts, on one wall. Something for the customers to stare at while waiting in interminable lines. This week's offering is a collection done by preschoolers, entitled "Melting Snowmen."

And I've been turning into a little puddle myself the past week, on account of being so steamed, and all.

Here's the deal. Teachers and students around these parts are stuck between Mother Nature and a hard place. DC straddles the Mid-Atlantic's rain/snow line. Forecasters have a damnable time getting their predictions right, and our district's incredibly moronic and overpaid central office staff has the most ridiculous habit of shutting down the schools at all the wrong times and, conversely, forcing us to make the trek in the worst of weather.

Case-in-point: Last Wednesday, I woke up at my customary Oh, Dark Thirty, and got my decaf green tea percolating. As luck would have it, I logged onto the computer to check my e-mail. First thing in the queue? A notice that schools were closed that day for "inclement weather."

I looked out the window. No rain. No snow. No sleet. No hail. No nothing but the darkness that only 5:30 a.m. can bring.

Turns out that Wednesday was what we call in the business a "freebie." The weather was relatively delightful all day long. Go figure.

The angry Snow Gods did call upon us Wednesday night, wreaking all kinds of havoc with people's commutes (12 hours to drive 10 miles, in some cases) and power lines (almost a week later, some still haven't had the juice turned back on). So that meant Thursday was another day for watching movies and grading papers.

We thought for sure that Friday would dawn, brisk but sunny (it did) and we'd be back in school.

We weren't. Something about power outages at some locations. But what about the rest of us?

Yesterday and today are what's known as "Teacher Workdays." Monday, for getting our first-quarter grades done. Today for mind-numbing inservices. I think Principal Man has planned a fun seminar on teaching to the lowest common denominator, so that everyone on God's Green Earth can pass the ridiculously easy and quite insulting statewide standardized tests. Four or five hours of fun, folks! I think I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a wooden spoon.

Ice is forecast for this morning. But I'm betting that because the cherubs are not required to go to school today, and the buses won't be rolling, our "professional development" will commence on time, at 8 a.m. sharp.

Who cares if dozens of teachers slip and slide and break their necks on their way to school? Not our administration, I'm sure. They're too busy trying to make each other look good to care about those of us who "deliver instruction," as they are wont to say.

And they call themselves "educators." Right.


June Freaking Cleaver said...

Love the picture! I was expecting Picasso, but it's more like Dali!

A tenth of an inch of ice so far, roads look good...and two snow days used up so far. The snow arrives today, they say...it's anybody's guess if The Boy goes to school at all this week.

Amy said...

But rain days were the best!

Here's hoping that everyone in the mid-Atlantic region is horrible at predicting weather cause I need to be in my home city tomorrow for a conference. And if I don't go to the conference, I might be forced to actually do my work. (????)

blueviolet said...

I'm glad it's not just parents but teachers too who get annoyed with "teaching to the test."

The melting snowman is adorable!

Tara R. said...

That groundhog better come through with a good prediction tomorrow.

carma said...

I've always thought the same of the teacher workday thing - if it's not safe for the kids - it's not safe period. Don't break your neck.

that really is a clever picture!

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Ok, tell us how you REALLY feel, will you? ;)

Seems the powers that be share a single mentality (perhaps even a single brain) when it comes to managing anything past their own potty breaks. School or business, it's all the same nonsense.

At least being steamed will keep you warm for a while...

Snuggle Wasteland said...

My kids were out last Friday because we got about an inch of snow. It had all melted by 9 am. It's nuts. They'll be going till July to make up all these days.

Love the snowman picture!

Krystal said...

Ok the politics do not sound fun at all!!

Jeanie said...

Just as nuts here....schools closed for 2 days so far because it is too cold....yes, you read that right, too cold. And I am in Colorado!


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