Monday, November 8, 2010

Stop the Presses!

Making the Grade

An important assignment inflicted upon all of my Intro to Journalism cherubs before I unleash them and their reporters' notebooks on an unsuspecting public, is the Room 215 Press Conference. The students gather at the feet of their mentor ~ that would be moi ~ and ask questions.

The goal is to see if they ask enough questions of depth and quality to write a half-way decent story about yours truly. And also a dynamite way to check their note-taking abilities, since I'm the one they're interviewing.

Well, I slogged through a whole class set this weekend (did I mention that I have 67 "budding scribes," crammed into two classes, this year? Dang those budget cuts!), and I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, there were a few mis-steps, to say the least ~ apparently one child thinks I have twin girls, 3 years apart and another referred to me as "elderly and wise" ~ but for the most part, I liked what I saw.

My newbies are shaping up nicely. Here are a few of the "gems," though, that could be filed under the headline, "Bloopers and Other Strange Stuff That High School Students Say." I've included my responses in italics. And no, I didn't write all of these smart-assed replies on the kids' papers. Only some of them.

  • "She is the proud mother of twin girls, who are only three years apart in age." Well, they do look alike when they're wearing their cheeseheads!
  • "Mrs. Scribe says she keeps teaching because she enjoys it. 'It's the money and the power, too,' she said." You betcha! Teaching is quite the lucrative profession, I'd say.
  • "She's goofy, but at the same time she gets work done." With Principal Man and his Merry Band of Idiots around, sometimes that's the only way to accomplish anything.
  • "The way she teaches is just really frustrating." That's a quote from one of my AP Lang students. BTW, he has a "D+" in my class.
  • "She fears she will become irrelevant." Huh?
  • "She's got the big picture in life." And I've also got a Room with a View.
  • "She looks at the class and says, 'I'm like a big, dumb giant'." Or a Gangsta. Take your pick.
  • "All of the things that teachers usually do go out the window with Mrs. Scribe." Hmmmmmmm...I thought it was only my students who go out the window?
  • "Mrs. Scribe likes to mix things up. 'I don't rock the boat too much, just a little to keep it interesting." Shake it like a polaroid picture.
  • "Nothing you do in high school could really affect the rest of your life unless you really, really, really screw up." And yes, that's a direct quote. I say stuff like that all the time!


Tracy P. said...

Oh, more of these Mrs. Scribe! What a hoot!

Early retirement seems imminent, what with all that money and power!

Tara R. said...

You mean it's not all about the money? Sounds like you have a very entertaining group of cherubs this year.

TortugaRachel said...

Hehe, I agree with Tracy, must have more of these!! I love your comments on their comments. Is the picture an actual corrected student work?

Just as an FYI: I moved my blog. I'd love it if you'd come follow me! I'm now at Turtle Droppings!

Jeanie said...

Great, but big group of kids. These were great. Only you could have twins three years apart.

Susie said...

It's interesting to have that mirror held up:-)

Nappi said...

I don't know about elderly, but I agree about the wise part.

cat said...

Oh my, some of these really are hilarious! But you definitely have great influence in their lives.

Julie M. said...

Shake it like a polaroid. That one got me laughing out loud. Those are some good lines!

Sarah said...

You? Goofy? What about those precious cherubs?


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