Monday, September 13, 2010

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

Sweet Dreams

I was in a classroom stuffed with high school juniors. Which is why I couldn't bring myself to post on the ninth anniversary of 9/11. The memory still scalds the back of my conscious thought.

But I was also eight years away from having to comfort my daughter because her close friend, Mike, was leaving for Iraq. Mike's deployment was a direct result of the cataclysmic events of that Indian Summer September not so long ago.

And nine years away from welcoming Mike home again. He's the slumbering recruit on the left in this shipping-out snap.

I have strong feelings about September 11th, and our country's involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq (where several of my students have served). I'm sure many of you do, too. I'm also not usually known for being politically correct. But I try my darnedest to avoid fanning any fractious flames ~ in this forum, at any rate.

Bottom line? I respect your right to express your views. As long as you will respect my right, too.

But Pastor Muttonchops and his antics down in Florida really piss me off. I'm beyond baffled that a two-bit preacher with a congregation of 30 or so "believers" can set the world ablaze the way he has.

September 11th should be commemorated every year. We should take that day to remember the fallen, and to encourage healing and respect. Continuing to preach hate, however, not only won't solve anything, it just doesn't make any sense.

At all.


Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

We will never forget!

I'd like to wish you a nice start into the new week! :)

B xx

Melva said...

Oh gosh....thanks for the post and your older post. I too was teaching that day- Lord of the Flies to Sophomores...we were made to turn off the tv but we snuck it back on when we could. I read aloud...they couldn't concentrate....of course in TX there wasn't a worry of loved ones being involved.It was just plain scary. The first day was surreal..most students didn't undertand..but the second day was our somber day...many collections were made-every student donated and I mean every one...even the jerks and I felt proud to be an American for once.... San Antonio has a huge military population and many of my students dads are deployed these....It's hard on these kids.

Susie said...

I agree. Hate doesn't heal!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I completely agree - what does hate do about anything? Hate is what caused September 11th in the first place and we don't need it.

I was a high school senior and I remember that day so clearly. I still get tears in my eyes every time I think about that day and it's hard to believe its been 9 years.

I will never ever forget.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Well said.

I was visiting my boyfriend's dad in hospital when 9/11 happened - watching on a tiny TV screen with no sound, we really didn't "get" what was happening until we went home and watched the evening news.

Ash said...

All that man in Florida wanted was self-promotion, and the media happily obliged. Glad what sense he has left led him to the correct decision.

I taped "102 min that changed America" and forced myself to watch it yesterday. I found myself crying as if it were just happening. Never forget.

Jeanie said...

I'm glad Mike is home. That's so very good.

I saw the news as it was happening, and rushed to tell Rick on my way to work. I'm lucky to have a telly in my office and so we all watched and it just got worse and worse. That night we were hosting eight Japanese visitors, here for the commemoration of the signing of the WWII treaty. We sat on the porch, having dinner -- one of our guests deeply concerned about a friend who worked close to the towers. (She was all right) What stunned us most was that the sky, usually so busy with airplanes as we live on the airport path, was totally silent. We told the kids things had changed forever that day. We were right.

I watched the documentaries on Saturday; it was hard, but important, I think. You're right -- hate is bad. There is such little point -- it does no good. I'm glad our Florida "friend" decided to change his mind.

Snowcatcher said...

Wonderfully written. Thank you for being willing to express your feelings. I, too, am so thankful things in Florida turned out the way they did. Literally, thank heaven!

Lynn said...

What Ash said.
The guy in Florida is a douche bag and he looks like a meth head.

BLOGitse said...


quilly said...

Hate and divisiveness is where this whole thing started. I refuse to give in to hate. If I do, then the enemy has won.

Nappi said...

Thanks for the support, as always. It always means a lot knowing some people are so supportive.

bluecottonmemory said...

It was our first day of school due to budget dispute. After school we went to a prayer time on the town square - then went to football practice (little guy) - where our coach, a former soldier, gave the parents a pep talk about courage, continuing living, being brave - and we practiced. Afterwards, the gas lines were horrible - lots of placed ran out of gas.

Joann Mannix said...

I have something for you. One of my best blogger friends posted this video on her blog. Please take a moment to watch this. It is so beautiful.

Compassion, it is exactly what this world needs.

I was at my girl's school, volunteering. When the 3rd plane hit, I thought it was the end of the world.

My girls go to a Catholic school and all of the adult volunteers had gathered around the tv in our principal's office. A well loved priest of our parish happened to be at school on that day. He was strangely quiet as we watched. Naturally people turned to him with their why's and requests for prayers and he gave great comfort to all of us. He left the room several times as we watched and came back so oddly somber for him.

It wasn't until the next day, I'd found out that his brother worked in the World Trade Center. He never said a word to any of us as we asked so much of him. He'd been leaving the room frantically checking. No one had news. No one had heard from him. His brother ended up perishing on that day.

I was far away from the World Trade Center, but I was in the same room with one of the heroes of that day.

Never forget.

Watch the video. It is extraordinary.

Shell said...

Much like you, I couldn't post about it on the day.

I remembered and thought about it and cried. But, just couldn't post.

I was in a classroom full of 8th graders- in a military town. The majority of my students had at least one parent who was a Marine.

It wasn't just a frightening event in our country, miles from where we were- it was an event that would send many of their parents far from them and into danger. It was an event that would cause a lot of them to follow their parents' footsteps and enlist a few years later.

Just too much, too overwhelming. I couldn't talk about it.

Kristin said...

It angers me the focus that nut took away from a day that should be spent honoring those we lost!

EG Wow said...

Wonderful post! It's difficult to watch the hate that has developed and it's comforting to know that there are still a few (maybe many) Americans who understand that a few rebellious Muslims are not ALL Muslims.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Not to mention the fact it's downright unAmerican. I can't believe it's been 9 years. I lost 2 people very close to me that day. But that is nothing in comparison to the towns around here that lost so many of their mothers and fathers, little league coaches, neighbors, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters...

We will never forget. Thank you to those young soldiers you know fighting an never ending battle, and all the soldiers, all over the world.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

Vodka Logic said...

What a great picture.. pure commraderie... love it.

It shows how we stand

Queenie Jeannie said...

I was getting ready for an important sales meeting that day as I watched the whole thing happen on tv. I was engaged to a soldier and I knew immediately that our lives were about to take a major detour from our plans. As a NYer, I still suffer each anniversary. It's one of those memories that just sears you to your soul. I will never forget. I will never stop paying my respects.

Leslie aka "MissusSmartyPants" said...

I will never forget those we lost that day. Islamic extremists patiently planned an attempt to wreck our way of life because of their hate.

The day is 9/11 NOT Patriot's Day. Calling it something else will confuse those too young to remember what really happened.

Let's not forget exactly what happened...or it might happen again!

God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

miss jo said...

It took me a couple years to realize how frightened I was that day, as a reporter in Washington, D.C...Even harder to wrap my mind around is the continued ignorance by people like Mr. Muttonchops who end up spreading more hate and violence.

Evangeline said...

Hi Melissa, I agree with you on this. Advocating hate won't get us anywhere. If the other party is hateful, it doesn't mean we should be hateful too. We'll be just like them. And yeah, September 11 should always, always be remembered. Too many heroes gave their lives and we can't forget them.

Allyson said...

First of all, I LOVE this picture and I have so many like it. And as we prepare for yet another deployment at the beginning of the year, I'm sure I will have more.

Secondly, I could not agree with your more about the Most Absurd Man to Ever Capture the Nation's Attention. And, I want you to know, I gave one of the CNN producers a huge piece of my mind about it when I was there last month on a VIP tour. I hope it worked. That was stupid.


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