Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

OK, I'm a tad tardy with this snap. Shot in mid-April, I'm thinking, long about when my Bradford Pear was fixin' to bloom. I've been going thru my photo folders all week, doing some Spring cleaning. I don't believe I've ever showcased this massive tree when it's on the imminent edge of blossoming.

This shot seems apropos for a number of reasons.

I turn the page to a new chapter in my life in less than 2 weeks (about time, correctamundo?) & Summer is the season of new growth for yours truly. I'll have one chica home for 3 months; the other will be ducking in and out, since she's actually got a "grownup" job this summer. I'll be able not only to get in touch with myself, but with La Familia Scribe, as well.

I'll have more time to read, to cook, to putter around in the yard. Travel is always one of my priorities during my Summer Solstice. I'm going to clean out my computer files, reorganize my closet. Heck, I've even made some noise about purging the basement of the flotsam & jetsam that's been piling up down there over the years.

On the professional development front, I don't think I'll do too much, school-wise, but I plan to invest in some personal growth activities. I'm in my 3rd year of blogging. I'd like to learn some new tricks, compose some killer posts, snap a few more memorable shots.

And I plan to peruse the close to 800 posts I've written since March 31, 2008. Maybe there's something worthwhile there. Maybe I'll put some of my favorite rants in a collection of some sort. I don't know much about Ebooks, but I could see something from that genre in my future.

Trouble is, I'm not much good at critiquing my own work. And I've never been apt at conjuring catchy titles.

Any thoughts?


quilly said...

Well, if you cared to pop on over to my place and comment on the contest posts, you could get back in the running for one of those 5 books I am giving away.

blueviolet said...

That is completely beautiful!!!!!

Jeanie said...

It sounds like you ahve some pretty ambitious plans. I'm looking forward to seeing what new blog tricks you learn. I feel like such a novice still.

yonca said...

Oh, I need to reorganize my closet too. Because some of my clothes are not fit anymore.Or maybe I should live them there and try harder to lose weight lol.

Susie said...


June Freaking Cleaver said...

Is there a pear pie in your future as well?

As far as the collection of your favorites? Maybe borrow one of the corny "memory lane" phrases from yearbooks past?

Or "Stories Most Likely To"...which is the newspaper gimmick to label the popular seniors?

Betty said...

Totally stunning!
Love your plans.
B xx

p.s. Came back from London!
Missed you!

Arija said...

Great background for the pale blossoms.

Nance said...

I've been threatening to make headway in my basement for years now. Ours flooded a couple years ago, and that made some decisions for me, but I still think we need to purge a ton of stuff. My husband is too much of a packrat. I say, "Get rid of everything but the washer, the dryer, and the wine!"

Cheryl said...

12 days and counting. I know you posted a bunch of other stuff today but I'm mesmerized by your clock.

Love the photo and glad you resurrected it and then shared a little of what's in your future. Save the basement for last. Ugh.

cat said...

Just enjoy summer. We are mid winter, and yes, I am feeling decidedly winterish.

Ruthibelle said...

ahh yes... the changing seasons of life. I'm due for a post about how my own life is kicking into another gear as well.

Lovely pic
Lovely post

Lucy said...

I love the picture but Oh, my goodness your goals exhausted me (LOL) and you called it relaxing, right? (LOL) You need to spend sometime with Lucy in Arizona and then you can relax!! I am teasing you, I do hope you succeed with your goals, I know how that feels.

Now, going through your blog. I just started over and I am trying to be way more concise when placing things in categories, that is always tough!

Farmers Wifey said...

Everything you plan to do could you come on over and do the same for me!!


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