Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville

Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville

Wanted to share one more snap from our February Snowpocalypse. Shot this from my screened porch just as the snow was starting to stick. If you'll recall, we continued to receive just buckets of snow the next couple of days, and were out 9 school days as a result. Hence, the order from Ye Olde School District that we must park our keisters down at Our Humble High School until June 25th this year.

All I can say is, "Yikes!" I might have to take a Thermos or 2 of margaritas down to work in the waning days of the school year. What say you?

Since today's our Silly Sunday Sweepstakes, y'all know what to do, correctamundo? Take a gander at this Superior Snap. Then, conjure a caption for said snap & tippy-type it, reall quick-like, in the comments section of this post.

And that's all there is to it, Scribe Fans! You'll win nothing tangible, this time around, for all your trials & tribulations. Just the knowledge that you gave a whole herd of us a good giggle. And what could be better than that?


quilly said...

"I'm pretendin' real hard, Sam, but no matter how many neon palm trees you tack up, there just ain't enough make-believe in me to convince me to put on a bikini in January, so's you might as well go take down the volley ball net and put yer clothes on!"

Tara R. said...

*snort* Love the neon palm and the snow scene combination. Too funny!

Linda said...

Great contrast. Love it. Really don't want to remember winter but the palm tree saves the day. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy P. said...

Ahh, the beach....not just a dot on the map, but a whole other state of mind!

Glad that's over with...for this year anyway! :-)

Irena said...

The palm goes so nicely with the snow:) We just moved to FL and didn't see any snow this winter! You're lucky you can enjoy it:) Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas this time.

miss jo said...

A superior snap....I say the extended school year calls for a thermos of margaritas and a nap in the band's parking lot hammock. That's fair.


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