Monday, February 1, 2010

Ode to an Inservice

The papers were graded, all snug in their folders;

Mrs. Scribe had a day off

before she got older.

But when Monday rolled 'round, she was sorry to say

that inservice time loomed

it would not go away.

The last time we did this, we spent all of 3 hours

drawing pictures of ladybugs.

I'm serious; all the powers-

that-be came to us in the cafe-ter-ia*

and said, "This is the way

that it's all gonna be. A

cute little bug will become our salvation

for deciding of grades,

a trend sweeping the nation."

Well, we laughed & we chortled & hooted & howled,

'til the powers-that-be,

they did nothing but scowl.

They abandoned the ladybug ruse in a sec.

But I know that today

we will all be a wreck

as we learn a new system for giving the cherubs

a "pat on the back."

We just don't want to scare 'em

with the frowns & with yells & with deadly mean stares;

why, that's just so "old school,"

and we've got new wares.

They're handing out T-Shirts; yes, I'm told by the bosses,

from Principal Man,

who will cut all his losses.

We will learn to be happy & spread lots of mirth.

When our cherubs return

they'll learn what it is worth

to behave like true angels, I'm told this is the plan

to change attitudes grown sour

by the barking of man.

I'll be Tweeting today as the plan moves along

and I hope that you all

will come follow my song.

It's an Ode to an Inservice, the most worthless of ways

to waste taxpayers' dollars

on nothing, I say,

but an idea and a claim and all that clap-trap.

But I must go to "work" now,

and shut up my yap.

*Spanish pronounciation


{ Persis Shah } said...

absolutely brilliant writing!

p.s i also love your "social climbing" SITS button on the right =)

Vodka Logic said...

Thats great.. so thats what my kids teachers do when they need a day off to learn.

Autumn Twig said...

Thank you for stopping by Melissa :)

I love Robins and Ladybugs

Amy said...

Oh, dear. Actually, I'm going to e-mail you about this sometime in the near future for something I'm writing, but, too old school? grumble, grumble. Good luck today; at least you have Twitter to keep you company.

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Beautiful poem ... ladybugs? Really - how odd!

Tara R. said...

Drawing ladybugs and handing out T-shirts? Does that work? I look forward to your tweets, this should be good.

Allyson said...

Bwahahahahaha...oh heavens, are seriously the only person I know who can make an inservice sound poetic. Each one comes with a new idea, a new plan of attack, yes? And really, in the end...doesn't it come back to being "old school" because you use what works. I'm so sorry you have to endure another one of these...and on a Monday, no less. Here's to hoping they have it catered by the local Italian joint (and it's NOT greasy spaghetti and meatballs) and your t-shirt doesn't shrink in the wash. Just keep thinking Florida...

singedwingangel said...

umm yeah adding you on twitter now this I got to read lol

Herself said...


Kimberly said...

Ahhhhh! I am screaming on the inside!

That was so adorable! I just loved it. Thanks for my first smile of the morning.

Tracy P. said...

Great poem--sad story! I attended some great inservices and some horrible ones in my day.

Susie said...

I always wondered what you guys did??? Here I thought you were doing report cards:-)

Caution Flag said...

At my last inservice I tried to sneak out early and got caught. Painful.

Jayde said...

Still trying to figure out what ladybugs has to do with grading. I'm very confused. I am at work so won't be able to watch Twitter and look forward to a follow-up post about the inservice.

blueviolet said...

Teachers who tweet while in inservice!!!! LOVE it!!!

Sarah said...

it's like a retreat for teachers. have fun and sorry i don't tweet/twitter.

Lita C. Malicdem said...

You are my first from SITS, I love it here. Your poem tells me of same sad moments in school, yes too many in-service flops by powers-that-be scare me to death. Worst is, teachers enjoy doing nothing of merit as well.

Helen McGinn said...

Aargh, the world's gone mad! Of course, my parents and my parents parents said the same thing...doesn't make it any less true though! xx

dawn said...

My SIL is a special ed teacher and she has the very same view of inservice days.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the visit. I know I enjoyed my sojourn here.

Quasi Serendipita said...

They are called "PD" (professional development) days over here. I fear the content may well be similar!

Angel and Kirby said...

We could not figure out your Mr. Linky but wanted you to know that we posted the Super Scribbler today! We received it from Herman at Herman's Hideaway!

The Blonde Duck said...

Love it!

Fierce said...

Nice poem. At least you didn't catch the bloggers' block that seems to be going around.


~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~ said...

Please, don't ever shut up your trap!!!



lifewithsweetpeaches said...

Greetings, from a fellow teacher. While enjoying my (not-so) new baby daughter, I sometimes miss professional development days...but not today. Hope it wasn't too terrible!

paulandrewrussell said...

Lol,this was so funny and so true. I was once a parent governor at my children's school, and it was endless cups of tea and chit chat, with a bit of school related nonsense thrown in at the end. :-)

Jeanie said...

Wow, A teacher and a poet. I'll just say...the powers that be need a kick in the knee. I bet some parents have a few things to say about inservice days too.

plainolebob said...

SS, wow that is worth at least thirty lady bugs and two t-shirts

Jenners said...

This was wonderful ... amusing, a bit disturbing (I'm not gonna lie), and such great rhyming!

Kristin said...

Well, I hope they have something valuable to throw at you!

Petite Little Bee said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by. Another great entry in your blog. I stopped by your sister's blog and that is adorable too. It is so nice that your mom is living here too. She looks fabulous walking down California Street. Cheers, Lia

Midday Escapades said...

{{clapping for you}}. Hope you had a great inservice today.

KellieS said...

Can you say frustrated? Wow, that's sounds fun. So, do they really waste our money like that?

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

Lovely 'ode' ... reminds me of one more reason I'm 'happily retired' ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

miss jo said...

All this in-service hoopla sounds positively buggy.


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