Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes, We Can? No, He Shouldn't

Just Do It

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I'm scared that Iran will ratchet up the nuclear pressure, causing the US to do more than posture. I'm disturbed because we keep pumping more resources into Afghanistan, but the Taliban seem to be gaining more of a foothold there.

I'm sad that Annie Le's family had to bury the slain Yale graduate student on Sunday. I'm feeling a perplexing kind of despondency in the wake of news that someone murdered Bill Sparkman-a single father, cancer survivor & part-time census worker-in Kentucky's Daniel Boone National Forest. The word "Fed" was scrawled on his chest.

I'm flumoxed by health care reform. I know that we should all have coverage, but don't have the first clue about what's best for me, what's best for the country. And I'm alarmed that my congressman might not have the first clue, either.

I'm irritated that the economy has not yet pulled itself out of its greed-induced tailspin. But I'm hopeful that the Dow has turned the corner & Mr. Fairway will be working full-time again soon.

I'm unhappy that Our Humble High School is overenrolled & that teachers, like me, are underpaid. I worry when empty Versace suits like Sarah Palin & porcine prognosticators like Rush Limbaugh spread lies & hate to folks who should know better.

What with Gitmo, "death panels," Iraq, the out-of-control deficit, global warming and everything else that's going on with this spinning orb we know as Mother Earth, I'm also confused. Why does BO, the Leader of the Free World as we know it, need to travel to Copenhagen with Oprah this week to try to snag the 2016 Olympics for his hometown?

Beats me. After all, y'all know that Chicago is definitely not my kind of town.


Vodka Logic said...

And I am disturbed when I see Obama on sneakers...seriously is he our president or a celeb. I am sure he didnt say "put me on a sneaker" at least I hope so, but please ... he is on Jay leno and Letterman enough..What next?

Yaya said...

Ah, so much to think about. Makes my head spin.

You commented right above me at sits today!

cat said...

Off course, I am standing on the outside looking in.

love lives in the kitchen said...

hello! thank you for visting love lives in the kitchen! i'm very happy to meet you :)
hope to hear from you soon! i'm your new happy follwer :)
hugs, justyna

Tammy Howard said...

But how do you REALLY feel? ;-)

Lynda said...

Definitely things to ponder. Nicely stated, too.

kyslp said...

Annie Le's murder has really saddened me. So much hope and promise - what a tragic ending.

And I am so over Oprah.

Ronnica said...

Politics are so sticky. It seems like the real issues are hidden among all the garbage.

The Blonde Duck said...

I saw him on an ad for TBS's George Lopez show the other day...I'm hoping it's edited, but if it is, they did a really good job...All I can think about is he's going to be known as the celebrity president.

Nance said...

I think it's unrealistic to think that, in this age of technology and a 24-hour news cycle, that we aren't going to see the President everywhere and that he's not going to be far more accessible to us via the wide variety of media outlets. And he did make transparency one of his platform planks of his campaign. Is he dishonoring the Office in any of his appearances? I would say no. Take a look at his demeanor and his behavior in any public appearance or venue and stack it up against his predecessor's. I don't have a complaint.

By virtue of his being the "leader of the free world," he's a political celebrity. We just have a ton of ways now to showcase it.

Kelly said...

Great post! I totally agree with it all. Fabulous!

FOund you on the SITS blogroll and I am glad :)


plainolebob said...

man they need to be havin them lypic back in los angels, thet town alway has goo alympics, whut is him and oparah, gonna enter any ways, the hot dog eatin, and money printin marathons?

Christy (Columbia Lily) said...

may I just say "amen" to everything?

carma said...

so many truths in this post. And I am saddened about the census worker, too. Did not realize that he was a single dad :-(

Mom of Three said...

I think you said it.

I could add more about our local situation, but that's not perplexing. Just frustrating.

These are terrifying times to raise children in.

Miss Jo said...

So many imponderables, really overwhelming. At least there are celebrity high tops !
Hope Mr. Fairway's new knee is cooperating and he is feeling well.

Joy said...

Can you provide specifics on the Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh Hate accusation?

Joy said...

I'm still waiting for the Sarah Palin hate and lies evidence to be produced here on this blog. I really don't understand why you would write that. I could fill a blog with video and printed words that spew hatred to that woman and her family. I have yet to see her do anything, but defend her family.
Also, do you actually spend time listening to Rush Limbaugh or are you relying on the media to tell you that he "hates" too. I'm sure your teaching during this time. I listen to Rush Limbaugh when I'm in my car and he is on. I've never heard him speak "hate" about anyone. He is guilty of having an ego. But he is clearly giving people another angle to view what is going on in this nation and around the world. He does not Hate Obama. He simply "hates" what his policies will do to this country. He may call Nancy Pelosi a ditz, but that is not hate.
I believe you are a Language Arts teacher and I'm sure you discourage your students from using generalizations that can not be backed up or facts confirmed. You should be discouraged also.


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