Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11...I Will Remember

We Remember...

Our Humble High School is one of the closest schools in our district to the Pentagon. Consequently, many of our students are from military families. At one point a few years ago, more than 50 percent of our school's parents worked at the 5-sided behemoth that controls our country's military-industrial complex.

Last year to commemorate this date I wrote about that Tuesday, and what went on in my classroom. Today, in honor of the victims in NYC, DC and PA, I'd like to share a couple of Superior Snaps with you.

These were shot by one of my journalistas at the 9/11 Memorial Run, which was held in Arlington near the Pentagon a couple of weekends ago. The flag is flying upside down in the universal responders' signal of an this case, to honor the 189 Pentagon victims, one of whom was a parent of two students who attended Our Humble High School. He was on Flight 77, which crashed into the north side of the building.

As the years advance, I'm regularly taken aback by the fact that my students just weren't that old on September 11, 2001. Our current crop of seniors was in 4th grade; our freshmen were just in 1st grade. It's so difficult for me to grasp that, for many of them, 9/11 is just another day.

I will always remember. I will never forget.

9-11 Memorial 5K, Arlington, VA


Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Hello! Your blog is a great read! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Best wishes, Carla.

The Blonde Duck said...

Wonderful post. Very poignant.

Mom of Three said...

You brought tears to my eyes. It was a tragedy. Unthinkable. I watched it unfold on TV. I had just returned home from living in NY and used to watch the NYC local channels on cable. I stayed home from work that day and so did my husband. We never miss work. We watched in disbelief as the second plane hit the towers.

Words fail me.

My firstborn was an infant, and he has no concept of what happened that day. But it must never be forgotten.

Amy said...

There's a really good article in the WaPo today about 9/11 being just another day. Hope y'all are doing okay down there.

Amy said...

I am so glad you posted this. I fear that 9/11 will become just another day to many of the younger people. Like the bombing of Pearl Harbor. A day that people really don't remember. Thank you for helping us remember. It was such a horrible day, and so many wonderful people gave their lives trying to help. The price of freedom was not cheaply bought. Thank you.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Thank you for your post - it means so much to hear.

I linked to your post on my blog today

Susie said...

We will never forget!

Tara said...

It is much more powerful for those of us who remember the event. I know for my kids, it won't have quite the same meaning as it has for me.

shraddha/april@theselfloveproject said...

great post!

lovely tribute!!


Orange Juice said...

Wow that's some perspective! It feels like time hasn't really lapsed. That every knows. I too cant wrap my brain around the fact that high schoolers now really have no clue! Wow! I'm going to have to sit with that for a while.

Vodka Logic said...

And I say we make it a point that the younger generations know that it is more than just a date.

thanks for your thoughts.

Matthew said...

My personal opinion is that 9/11 changed the world. I don't think it will ever be forgotten and, to me, it's as significant as the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb.

I've said this on other blogs latelyt, so apologies if you're getting a sense of deja-vu right now.

I stopped by because someone gave me your scribbler award and I thought I'd come to the river's source. Glad I did. :)

Miss Jo said...

Beautiful photos to never forget. That tragic day is still so hard to contemplate. Thank goodness there are teachers like yourelf to keep the next generation from just turning the page.


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