Thursday, August 6, 2009

Writer's Workshop: There Goes My Life

Today's Writer's Workshop prompt: What's ailing you? Diagnose yourself with a syndrome.

My girls grew up in the greater DC Metropolitan Area. But their roots are in the Dairy State. Wisconsin. Their Daddy is a Badger; their Aunts, Uncles & Cousins are Badgers. Mr. Fairway's side of the family is split between Northwestern Wisconsin ~ Chippewa Falls, as a matter-of-fact ~ and the Fox River Valley in the Northeastern corner of the state.

Football, brats, beer. Lots of yelling & plenty of cussin' when the Wisconsin Badgers or Green Bay Packers take the field. At least at my house. This is my daughters' heritage.

Now, those of you who follow Mrs. Scribe's Adventures might recall that Ella Numera Una volunteers at a DC soup kitchen. That Yoshio was a friend of hers. That she took the LSATs in the Fall & did really well. That she graduated from college in June.

Now she's getting ready to go to law school. She says she wants to help folks, & a law degree will help her do that. Una's headed for The University of Wisconsin-Madison. And in a way, she's been preparing for this her whole life.

Ella Una-Bucky vs. Syracuse

That's Una & her Madre at a Wisconsin Badgers' game Back in the Day. I think she was 11 or 12. The game, as I recall, was pretty dull, & Wisconsin was playing Syracuse at Giants' Stadium in New Jersey. Temps were uncharacteristically up in the high 90s, and we were HOT. My peeps & I ended up playing UNO in the shade way up in the stands, while Mr. Fairway sat in the blistering sun & watched his beloved Badgers lose.

I guess this is just a round-about way of saying that this week I'm suffering from Kenny Chesney Syndrome. As in, "There Goes My Life."

No, this is not one of your run-of-the-mill, going-to-college moves. The seriousness of the situation finally struck me when we'd finished schlepping 22 years' worth of crapola out to the garage. We even took apart the chica's bed, for cryin' out loud.


She says she wants to settle in the Midwest. That's fine, as long as I see her every other weekend, right? OK, I realize I'm demanding a little too much. Have to "let go," & all that janx. But when we'd gotten everything loaded up into the POD (Portable On Demand Storage), the finality of Una's impending move struck me. In the heart, where it hurts the most.


What was it The Beatles said on "Sgt. Pepper's" about leaving home? At any rate, my condition is critical. And whatever the syndrome, I think I've got it bad. I swear.


Alicia said...

awwww how bittersweet! good luck to una!! and don't worry, we'll keep you company :)

Amy said...


LadyStyx said...

Awww *HUGZ* All parents end up going through that. Shoot, I just turned 40 and MY parents still go through that everytime we visit!

Susie said...

We will welcome her to Wisconsin with open arms!! She is going to love Madison!! It is a GREAT campus and my older daughter will be back there in the spring (after a semester in Spain:-).

Fer*Cambe said...

She'll do great in the MidWest! Hooray for Una, and don't worry those visits will be so special and beautiful now!

Good luck!

Tara said...

So sweet. My oldest starts 1st grade in two weeks, and my hubby's taking the day off. It's the first time my son will be in full-day school, and hubby knows I'll be a mess.

HappyChyck said...

I've been through this with my BFF a few times as her daughter, who was a Coastie but is now only married to one, has been back and forth from coast to coast. It's hard every time! Once you recover, you'll have a hoot visiting new places! (Or revisting old.)

June Freaking Cleaver said...

You'll now get to save up Frequent Flyer Miles to visit.

It's not all bad. Think of all the time and hard work - and look, she's off to have her own life.

Feels good, knowing you did your best and she's a confident adult now. I have two daughters that are grown and gone - it amazes me sometimes...they have their own lives now, one with children; the other getting married in a few weeks.

And any mistakes I made along the way as a mom can be now dealt with in therapy - I'm stimulating the economy!

Anonymous said...

is that really a pod? Doesnt look like one....nice read though

theselfloveproject said...

This moment was bound to come... but that doesn't make it any easier. I'm already anticipating the day my 3 year old decides his friends are infinitely preferable to mama. Who at that point is now just, "mom." LOL. They grow up so fast!

Michael said...

Hi Mrs. Scribe,

Thanks for the note you left on my blog a week or so syndrome is Get Overwhelmed With The End of the School Year and Then Remain Mentally Exhausted On Certain Levels Till Summer Is Almost Over Syndrome. I got really busy and got out of the Web 2.0 habit...but I'm slowly wading back into the digital pool.

Interesting that your husband is from family friends, "aunt" Jane and "uncle" Thomas, are also northern-VAers (Alexandria) and Thomas is from Oshkosh. Their older daughter, whom I think of as the six year-old she was when she moved from California, just finished her freshman year of college. Gives me a perhaps similar feeling of "there goes my life," though on a much, much smaller scale, of course.

I hope you feel better!

Yeah, I'm Still Here... said...

Ohhh your gonna make me cry...

Good luck Una, I wish you the very best!

Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

Wow, I feel your pain. I do! But how can you truly let go?

Take a measure of solace in the evidence before you: You have raised a truly amazing child! She has a wonderful life ahead of her, and past that, she's actually prepared to deal with it. That's all you, my friend.

Congratulations! But more than that... big hugs for the heartache since knowing all that doesn't make it one iota easier!

Mrs4444 said...

Wow. UWM is not the easiest school to get into these days-Congrats to Una and congrats to you! (I LOVE their marching band, BTW)

Marrdy said...

I am so sorry you are losing your baby for a while. I am not looking forward to this when Alex is ready to move on. I'm sending you a hug! And one for her. But she will be closer to the Pakcers...that counts for something right? Oh, and I did my list of 5 things. It's WAY too long but it's done!

knit1kids4 said...

I'm so far from this, but at the same time so close.

Hugs from here...

Booklover1212 said...

This is my first visit - coming over from Mama Kat's blog.

How bittersweet, and yet how proud you must be. My oldest is starting her 2nd year of preschool at the end of the month and I'm already a wreck! I can't even begin to imagine packing my baby up to move away from me!

Big hugs!

~ Jennifer

Tracy P. said...

Oh my, you've got me choked up over here! We drove through Madison on our way home two days ago, and that's just some of the most beautiful landscape I know of. Smart girl. You raised her to know a good thing when she sees it. Why is it that the better job you do, the harder it is to see them go?

Summer said...

I think I will bawl like a little baby if Chloe ever leaves me. I keep telling her she doesn't need to ever move out or get married. Just get a good job and support her parents.

I hope she listens.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, my heart hurt when I read this. I know that this is what we are supposed to prepare them for and they will be fine, but I just can't imagine it. I just prayed for you and I am going to make myself a note to keep praying this week. God bless.


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