Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who's Your Baghdadi?

OK, as a Seasoned Scribe & all, I've seen a lot in my day. But while reading The Washington Post yesterday a.m., I came upon a curious sentence.

"A few Baghdadis drove under the sweltering midday sun honking horns as passengers hung out the windows waving flags and yelling euphorically."

So, I guess if the guys who live in New York are called New Yorkers, & the folks who reside in Texas are known as Texans, then the Iraqis who call Baghdad home are referred to as...Baghdadis?

When I first started this enterprise, visions of eurudite pronouncements danced in my head. But truthfully, y'all, it all comes down to my opinion on things.

And I could ooze loquaciously on so many fronts. To generate "traffic," & all that janx. But I basically choose to post about those items of interest to moi.

You've read here before about Our Humble High School, & its preponderance of military brats. We took 9/11 mighty seriously. But one thing I've noticed. No one I teach, from the cherub of the 1-Star General to the progeny of the Drill Sergeant, is really totally convinced that Iraq was such a great idea.

My old blog layout was black--remember that?--and featured a Superior San Fran Snap. Shot, I might add, by Ella Numera Dos, she of recent blogging fame. Some of my readers thought the blog's header & its paen to an SFO icon meant I was a liberal, whatever that really means.

The fact is that my youngest chica snapped that iconic shot. And I posted the snap because it's a superior rendition, in old school color, made to look like b&w. That's it. Nada más.

I can't argue the merits of the Iraq invasion...with any great intelligence, anyway. Since 12 of my former students have been thru that revolving door known as Baghdad, I'm only hoping for a relatively calm, peaceful outcome, is all. And now that US troops have started their withdrawal, it'll be interesting to see how the natives handle things.

Before I changed it up, my retro blog design also featured the above snap of John Lennon. The caption read, "He was protesting a different war, but still..."

That's just about how I feel, I guess. I'm sending positive vibes toward the Fertile Crescent & hoping things turn out OK for the Iraqis.

They need to take control of their own lives, their own country. Who's their Baghdadi, anyway?


Tammy Howard said...

I am an unashamed liberal (whatever that is) and opposed the war while supporting the troops. It took my be surprise last weekend at a parade when the Green Berets marched by and tears welled up. Then a float that said "Honoring Our Fallen" and my daughter asked what that meant and I choked on every word as I tried to explain it to her. Apparently being an unashamed liberal doesn't exclude you from patriotism.

Great post.

Amy said...

Tammy, it's interesting how liberals are sometimes stricken from patriotism (which seems a touch ridiculous, no?). On the other side, some of my so-far-gone liberal friends at school see supporting the troops as a sign of condoning the war. It's like if you're in that middle ground, you can't win either way.

(Also, Mrs. Scribe, peeps are a-reading cause they do care what you think. If we didn't care, we wouldn't read.)

LadyStyx said...

(Amen on Amy's comment to you)

Tara R. said...

Being an unashamed conservative can also mean not totally understanding the war, but still supporting our troops.

I too hope for a peaceful withdrawal and that the Iraqi people can maintain that peace.

(loquaciously - love this word!)


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