Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Challenge: Superman, I'm Not...

beach 098

...but I was feeling a little bit like the Man of Steel yesterday.

A tiny metamorphosis took place yesterday in Scribe Land. No, I didn't figure how to become faster than a speeding bullet; nor am I yet able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. ~ although that would be way cool, wouldn't it? But I'm am a tad proud of my little ol' self. I quasi-mastered a couple of HTML tricks, & we all might be the better for it, in the long run.

I've spoken in this space before about
the aging process ~ particularly with moi. And I've struggled on & off with the face of this space. But I wanted something clean, something smart & something y'all could read without having to get your specs out.

We're in the 3rd iteration here over at
The Scholastic Scribe, but I'm a tiny bit proud of the changes. First off, I think the wider posting space is reader-friendly. Please let me know if it's not. And secondly, you won't have to squint any longer to get a gander at some pretty Superior Snaps.

And as July melts into August, that means The Scribe Family will be headed out to the beach. OBX. The place where once upon a time, Mrs. Scribe picked up a really nifty shell.

So, thanks to The Blogger Guide for taking me thru the really pretty simple steps for altering my HTML code just a tiny little bit. And a GREAT BIG THANKS to Blue Orchid Designs, which has posted 5 really easy steps for making your Snaps that much more Superior. Here's thinking of vacation, the beach & the Good Old Summertime. Superior Snaps, BTW, by my fabulous SIL. She's a gem!

beach 080

All kinds of critters frequent the OBX. Some day I'll write about the ghost crab that took hold of the soft spot between Mr. Fairway's thumb and index finger, & just wouldn't let go...

beach 047

...or these funny little birds ~ Sanderlings, maybe, but I really don't know ~ who skitter up and down the beach, following the surging tide, all blessed day long.

beach 112

...or the human variety, at the top of this post and above, who never know when to get out of the sun.

Editor's Note: Because this undertaking was a challenge, & because these Superior Snaps showcase a celebration (this week's theme), I've thrown my proverbial hat into the ring for Dale's Thursday Challenge.


Alicia said...

i looooove the new layout...most definitely more reader friendly! and i want to go to the beach now!

Tammy Howard said...

I like the new layout a lot.

Superior snaps, as usual...

Ms Cupcake said...

Dropping by from sits and blog hopping. Have a great day. Now following your blog.

Ms Cupcake

Amy said...

Looks good!

Vodka Mom said...

those pics are GORGEOUS!! I am going to check out the suggestions. I need help with pics.

knit1kids4 said...

Love the bird picture!

Tara R. said...

Wonderful summer shots, and the layout is Superior.

The Blonde Duck said...

Ghost crab? I am curious!

Marrdy said...

I really like the new layout. Guess I better check it out and make some changes to mine too. And I love the pictures.

Lynda said...


Susie said...

It looks GREAT!!

SandyCarlson said...

Gorgeous shots. NC is a miracle unto itself.

Jennifer said...

Great pics--I love the action shots!

fickleinpink said...

just bloghopping! Glad I came by here!

i love the beach!

LadyStyx said...

very nice tweaks!

the pix are awesome too!!

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