Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well, Isn't That Special?

No, it wasn't the Church Lady, but Preston over at Me and the Blue Skies who posted a delightful meme the other day. Here's the dealy-0:

Preston gave me 5 special words that are supposed to relate to moi. My assignment? To meditate upon these gems & then explain them in a meaningful way.

Oh, and there's another part to this meme. After I'm done explaining, my readers are allowed to get in on the fun. If you'd like to participate, leave me a comment, & I'll give YOU 5 words. Which you will then explain on YOUR blog. And so on & so forth.

Let the fun begin! Preston gifted me with some winning words (remember...I'm a high school English teacher, so I know from words)! They are: Adventures, Cooking, Satire, Writing, and Photography. Here goes nothing...


Labeled in red, because I am ~ really, truly ~ an adventurous person. Or at least I like to think so!

Do you remember my 4th of July post? I alluded to snagging "an awesome viewing venue...on the Capitol steps" for the Big Fireworks Bang on the National Mall. One thing I didn't explain ~ Ella Numera Dos & her Madre (that would be moi) attained that superior spot by nefarious means.

Because of post-9/11 security, especially near our national treasures like the Capitol, policemen (and women) are posted all over the dang place. And they've roped off the steps on the west front of the Capitol for senators & other political types. No one sits their bum on those steps until they clear security. And they have to be pretty special to clear security. It's almost like the velvet rope at one of those clubs in Beverly Hills.

Your Humble Scribe, of course, is an old Capitol Hill hand. The convo with the cop went something like this:

Your Humble Scribe: Officer, we're meeting someone from Senator Webb's staff on the steps over there.

Officer: You'll have to call him and have him come down to get you.

YHS (dials cellie; calls herself, pretending to try to get in touch with the Senator's staffer): Sorry, officer. No can do. No service (holds up cellie for the good officer to inspect, as if he could confirm her statement). Oh, wait! I see him over there (starts waiving madly in the direction of the steps).

Officer: Do you see him? Where is he? Can he come down to get you?

YHS: Right there...see the balding man in the khakis & blue shirt, about halfway up the steps on this side (Note to readers: DC is full to busting with serious-looking wonks who fit this description)? There he is (continues waving madly)! Hellllooooooooowwww!! Over heeeeeeeerrrrreeee!!!

At this point, the balding gentleman in the khakis & blue shirt spots Your Humble Scribe's pantomime and...get this...wait for it...Starts. Waving. Back. And beckoning. There definitely was some beckoning going on. From a stranger. In khakis & a blue shirt.

Officer: Well, there's quite a crowd, ma'am. And since that gentleman on the steps seems to know you & all, please come forward. Watch your step. Enjoy your evening.

YHS (grabbing Ella Numera Dos): Thank you, officer! Happy 4th!!

Let's just say that we didn't sit with the balding gentleman in the khakis & blue shirt. But we did have a great seat for Aretha Franklin. And Big Bird, who was pretty much interchangeable with the Queen of Soul that nite. Oh, and the fireworks were awesome!


All I can say is, I love to eat! In the past year or so, I've gotten into baking. Take a gander at the recipe for Entrancing Peach Pie, or perhaps Aunt Julie's Blueberry Pie. Both fruits are in season right now.

But, being a Tejana & all, I also love my food muy caliente. Lost River Chili comes to mind. And a tip for those of you sweltering down South this summer:

Take hot showers & eat really spicy food. Then 105 in the shade won't seem so toasty.

Blah blah blah

Anything Your Humble Scribe has written about Principal Man could be considered satire, if it weren't so dang serious (as a heart attack) at the same time. And don't forget that entire week in May, featuring sad, slightly satirical, but oh-so-true, adventures from Our Humble High School. But the Runaway Trucker Post might qualify, too.

Not quite up to Mark Twain's satirical standards, but my weekly Silly Sunday Sweepstakes is often a hoot-&-a-half!


I love to write. I am, after all, the self-proclaimed Superior Scribbler. I've been putting words to paper since before I learned to talk. That's my high school journalism teacher, who taught me everything about everything, writing-wise.

Blogging is the perfect outlet for my passion. I set the agenda, I make the assignments. I (sometimes) edit the copy. In a perfect world, I'd get pay to do this. Any takers?


Ella Numera Dos really has this corner covered. So do Ella Numera Una & Aunt Julie. But I love showcasing Superior Snaps, as those of you who follow my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes know. Ella Dos snapped the above in San Fran. It's part of her juried competition...Please go vote! And I know a picture-perfect image when I see one...except, of course, when I don't!

OK, Scribe Fans...I had a lot of fun today. Wanna take a turn? Let me know, & I'll send YOU your 5 winning words!


Z's Mom said...

I love your 'adventure' story. I wonder why he waved at you?

Tortuga said...

Oh I love your satire and your photography. Your blog just makes me grin! I love your explanation of your 4th of July adventures!

Amy said...

Hmm, I'm clearly keeping your number on file for any shady situations I might get into. Also, I'll accept words. (=

Fer*Cambe said...

What a clever scribe on the capitol steps! I'm sure the music and show were double (at least) the pleasure knowing how you got them!


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I loved your adventure story. I bet you were a fun person to go to a concert with and try to get backstage back in the day.

I go back to work today and our principal is retiring. He is a great guy and not at all a micromanager. they are announcing his repalcement this morning. What are the odds we will get two great principals in a row? yeah.

Tara R. said...

Didn't know you were such a renegade... loved the adventure story.

Since I like my food muy caliente, I'll have to try out the chili recipe. And, I know what great recipes Aunt Julie has.

This was a fun meme. I would be interested in what five special words you could come up with for me.

Marrdy said...

Oh, I love this!! And you are adventurous! I give me 5 words and I'll see if I can do this.

Susie said...

The adventure story...impressive:-)

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the bit about your high school journalism teacher. Mine was special to me as well!

HappyChyck said...

Of course you would have something to say about ADVENTURE! You always have such wonderful adventures!

I'd love to play! I need something to talk about at my poor, abandoned blog. Please? :-)

LadyStyx said...

*laffin* Great story about the 4th.

Ronnica said...

This is really great. That peach picture always makes me laugh...gotta love passive-aggressive signs. Hit me up with words!

Ronnica said...

Oh, I should have said "please." Forgive me. ;)

carma said...

My, you are adventurous with a capital "A" Will we see you belly dancing before long ;-)

If you figure out a way to get paid for blogging, please do fill me in on the deets!

meandtheblueskies said...

I knew you would do a great job!

teachin' said...

Ooh, I'd love five words! That sounds interesting! Thanks in advance.


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