Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aloha, OBX!

Thought I'd take a double-turn again today, with Travel Tip Thursday & Writer's Workshop. Tx3 is brought to you by Pseudo, who lives in Hawaii. Since she resides in Paradise, I guess she wants to see how the rest of us schlubs live? Wx2 is brought to you by Mama Kat. Today's prompt: How will you enjoy your last days of freedom (aka summer)?

We called her Edith Bunker. Not because she was goofy & gangly & spoke in a grating falsetto, although she did have a pretty high-pitched warble. No, we annointed her with the name of Archie's spouse because she ran like this:

Ella Numera Una had a hustle in her bustle. A hitch in her gettalong, as we say in Tejas. And we noticed it the most when we went to the beach in Duck, North Carolina.

Ella Edith

Mr. Fairway shot that snap in 1988, our first time at Duck, toward the north end of the North Carolina's barrier islands. We've returned at least every summer since then to The Outer Banks, or OBX, as the natives know them. We've also visited at Thanksgiving, and in December, as the Nor'easters begin to blow. But we've never missed a summer in 21 years.

We can't tell you how many times we've been down to Duck since that first sojurn, but the kids will tell you we're not tourists anymore.

"Call us visitors," Una says.

"Aw, we're more than visitors by now," pipes up Ella Numera Dos, who first visited the OBX when she was 5 weeks old.

Quack, NC

No, that's not our tag. Just a snap we snagged in the parking lot of the local market. Tommy's. One of the reasons we keep returning, although the prices are too steep and the coffee's often cold. You see, we were with Tommy from the start. He & the Scribe Family both started their love affair with Duck, NC in the late '80s.

Of course, Dockside 'n' Duck is another reason. Steamed crabs to go. Every kind of fish you'd have a hankerin' for, right off the boat.


Or it could be the sunsets. And eating ice cream on the boardwalk overlooking the Currituck Sound at Sunset Ice Cream. We've been with them since the beginning, too.

First OBX Sunset

We get a lot of reading done.

beach books

And sometimes the grownups have one too many "adult beverages." But while Duck doesn't have the waves of Maui or the white sand of Sanibel Island, the kids always find a way to get their boogie on.

OBX Boogie

This is all, I suppose, the roundabout way of saying that we're headed down to Duck in a week or so. Mrs. Scribe will be filing dispatches from the road, of course. And that's the way we'll be spending the rest of our summer vacation.

BTW, Principal Man, fie on you and Our Humble High School. I may never come back.

Mom and Ella at OBX


Tortuga said...

Have a wonderful, safe and fun trip! Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen and don't get too much sand in your britches!

Alicia said...

cuuuute pictures!! and yes, have a fabulous trip!

Tammy Howard said...

Nothing beats that annual return to a beloved familiar place! Go make memories!

Fer*Cambe said...

Awww that last picture is the best! I used to teach at a school in Charlotte and go down to the OBX all the time! They're the greatest, I still go to a friends place in Oak Island. Enjoy!!

TeachJ said...

I first hear about Duck, NC from a tech blogger called iJustine. Check her video of the July 4 parade. There are more vids of her crabbing and visiting a local grocery store, etc. Fun.

Susie said...

You have way too much fun!

Vodka Mom said...

this is an incredible coincidence- but Tightwad and I spent several summers in Duck. When Bitchy was still a tiny little sprite.......and hadn't yet earned her name!!


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I loved this travel post! I've read a few bloggers this summer that vacation in the OB. I had to google it at first, did not know where it was at all. Now I want to visit.

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see the travelpost form this year's trip ; -)

Jan said...

Oh, my. Now I want to go to the beach in NC.

Ronnica said...

I love the OBX! My parents have talked about spending a week out there as a family...I hope we do it!

The Blonde Duck said...

I wouldn't blame you at all! May I jump in your trunk? I'll be quiet and I fit easily in overhead compartments!

Marrdy said...

Oh how I wish I lived by a beach. Not to get in the water but to sit in a chair, read a book, sip a beverage and just veg! Have a great time.

MoxieMamaKC said...

What great pictures! I've always wanted to visit North Carolina. Everyone who's been there raves about how beautiful it is...

LadyStyx said...

*laffin* Lookit that smile in the last photo. How precious!

only a movie said...

Looks awesome. :-)Have a fabulous trip.

April Belle said...

Family vacations, whoo hoo! Looks like you have a spectacular destination... Have lots of fun!

shaunna said...

i've always wanted to explore the carolinas coast... there's supposed to be outstanding shells. have fun!


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