Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Methinks the Lady Doth Protest Just Enough!

When last we saw Mrs. Scribe, she was concerned about perceptions & fixin' to jackass her some yearbooks.

Well, thanks a ton, y'all, for your advice on the first quandary & commiseration on the second. The good news is that no yearbook riots ensued yesterday. But stay tuned, since we've got at least a week's worth of yearbook distribution ahead of us.

The better news is that my Cherubs received a letter-to-the-editor from a respected and beloved teacher, objecting, in the nicest way possible, to the content of the kids' latest editorial janx. This means my earnest journalistas will be able to run all of the letters-to-the-ed that support them, while still showing that they're fair & balanced after all by printing this one, as well.

Here's the letter. If you look at it critically & consider the source, it's even a bit of a back-assward compliment. The letter has been edited slightly for this space to protect the innocent, etc.

To the Editors:

For the past 20 years I have enjoyed reading my copies of our student-run newspaper. The Newspaper and its staff have been especially generous to me and the coverage of my teaching career. However, your most recent edition was both shocking and too much over the edge.

The story about sexting offended many of your readers, myself included. Don’t get me wrong; the story itself is an important one for the 21st Century. However, the way it was written was insulting to readers. The opening line about math was completely out of line and done in poor taste.

When we live in a society that continually displays and condones inappropriate behavior, where are we headed in life? There are so many ways to express ourselves in a professional manner and the opening line of that story was vulgar. You should strive to be a student paper with high values, morals, and a caliber toward professionalism. In what type of U.S. publication do you think you would find this type of expression? Perhaps within the pages of Playboy or Hustler?

I think it is your professional responsibility to represent Our Humble High School and our community in a positive manner and strive for journalism excellence. Don’t fall victim to yellow journalism or sensationalism; there’s enough of that trash on MTV, MTV2, VHI, etc. Set your standards high and make all of us proud. I sincerely hope that the staff of The Newspaper will edit and think twice before publishing this type of material in the future.

Ms. History Teacher

I think the Lady Doth Protest Just Enough. What do you think, Gentle Readers?

For more about this & other captivating Tales from The Fun House, please visit Mr. Teacher today. He's got a whole Carnival set up over there!


Cairo Typ0 said...

I think this teacher is missing the point of an education in a wonderful free country like the US. If the school starts censoring what the students write then they are teaching them the wrong lessons. Great eye opening journalism shouldn't be easy for either the journalist or the reader.

The author of that letter is off base.

Ashley said...

Wah, Wah, Wah.... KIDS THESE DAYS..... Blah, Blah, Blah.....

Come up with some valid reason, History Teacher Lady.

And kudos to you if your students end up writing for Hustler. I'd say that is pretty successful.

Clix said...

You know, it makes me wonder if the history teacher has heard about the supportive letters you've got and realizes you won't print the darn things if you don't have a letter that presents an opposing viewpoint and is playing devil's advocate! ;D

Shawn said...

Playboy or Hustler? Yeah, uh, huh.

It looks like she took a long time to write it---I'll give her that...

Marrdy said...

You're right this appears to be a double edged sword. You are great students and you have been good for me but what are you doing thinking for yourselves? Who cares about your rights and your opinions. Do as I say!

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that story and thinking that the first line was terrible and cliche' and something you'd find on a facebook bumpersticker.

something like: "add the people, subtract the clothes and watch us multiply"?

editing should have caught it but i'm sure this teacher lady has heard/seen more vulgar things in her high school hallways.

bad writing.
petty complaint.


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