Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bernie Madoff: The Cookie Monster?

Well, the old guy got what he deserved yesterday, & then some. But Your Humble Scribe is here to tell you that there's a silver lining to this dark storm cloud that has been hovering over Wall Street since Bernie Madoff's December arrest.

Hard to feel sorry, really, for a guy with those initials. And BM's on his way to the Big House. Which means we won't have to indulge in Madoff humor much longer.

The Madoff jokes are just plain mean. The man generates such a visceral hatred. But I reckon that fleecing your "friends" of $65 billion-plus could engender that kind of dislike. A brief sampling, from the Web:

A Feather Adrift offers the best advice Madoff has received since being nabbed for his Ponzi scheme.

American XS got in on the act in "Weak End to Bernie Madoff "by equating "massive financial fraud with a classic 80's movie."

This February 23rd New York Magazine cover won some sort of award for turning Bernie into The Joker. To quote The Dark Knight, ""I believe…whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you…stranger."

Is It Just Me? says, "So I guess Ruth Madoff’s main cooking tip would be to knead the dough until it’s gone." Mrs. Madoff apparently really did once write a book on Kosher cooking. Who knew?

NYC publishing house Simon & Schuster actually is marketing this book. It could be yours for a mere $9.95. It's an update on a 2003 title that's been customized just for Mr. Madoff. "There was no mistaking who he was," Borowitz writes. "The silver hair, those beady eyes, that sheepish expression that makes him look like a guilty hamster."

But here's the best bash on Bernie & it's not even all that mean-spirited. I'd like to share a little bit of sweet humor coming out of the scanal. In this clip, Ernie & the Cookie Monster "explain" how BM's Ponzi scheme worked, in a spoof on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

OK, no handguns allowed on PBS. But it's pretty funny ain't it?

I only have one more question. Who would you cast in a "Sesame Street" scene explaining Martha Stewart's Wall Street wickedness?


Pam said...

Visiting from SITS. Madoff definitely got what he deserved.

Tammy Howard said...

That was fun.

Who would do Martha? Aw, I know Piggy's not a Sesame Street muppet - but she is so full of herself and thinks she's so perfect...

Veggie Mom said...

I think Martha could be Oscar the Grouch, most definitely! She was a little green around the gills when she got out of prison, no?

Susie said...

I think it got what he deserved. You don't steal people's hopes and dreams and then live happily ever after.

Some of the jokes are over the top but then again, I wasn't a victim of his scam either.

Alicia said...

I'm glad he got what he did. He deserves it! Have fun in prison =)

Marrdy said...

Weeken At Bernie's....if only, if only!!

Columbia Lily said...

that's awesome.

LadyStyx said...

The Count, of course! He has a head for numbers.


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