Thursday, May 14, 2009

Once a Goalie Mom, Always a Goalie Mom

Ella Numera Dos played field hockey for 7 seasons, all of them in goal.

That's why her First Fan, Mrs. Scribe, has had a nerve-wracking past few weeks watching our local Washington Capitals battle it out in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

OK, ice hockey is decidedly NOT field hockey. But a goalie is a goalie, whether you're on turf, grass or ice. And I've had a revival of those Goalie Mom Butterflies since the playoffs began.

My traditionally cast-iron stomach did flip-flops in 7 too-close games against New York. Then repeated the performance thru 7 similar encounters with Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Penguins just blew us off the ice last nite, 6-2. It wasn't even close, as they say. But here's to a young team, with an even younger goalie. Russian Simeon Varlamov barely speaks a word of English, & just turned 21 a couple of weeks ago.

He just looked so sad at the end of the game. As if he wished he could give all those goals back.

Been there, done that, although never at a level that even approached the Stanley Cup. But here's to all the Goalie Moms out there, whose tummies make a sudden lurch when the other team gets too close. Oh, & the photo is one by Ella Numera Dos, taken as part of a portfolio shoot last year.

And someone please tell me: What does a Penguin have to do with ice hockey?


Amy said...

They live on ice?

Though I want my hometown teams to win, it's nice to know the city I'm actually living in is happy.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Too cool, a goalie girl. Guess the cool gene was passed down!

Lynda said...

Never have gotten the hockey bug... too far south, I guess :)

Susie said...

They live near ice?

Cid said...

My eldest played his first year in goal. I felt worse after most games than he did. It takes a certain personality to play goal. Thanks or dropping by on Saturday.


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