Friday, May 8, 2009

Fx4: Eastern Market, Before & After

Today's the last day of the My Life in Pictures Challenge. It's also time for Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta.

I'm showcasing 2 Superior Snaps today. No, they aren't mine, but they illustrate exactly how I feel about Eastern Market, DC's only continuously operated fresh food public market. Proudly serving Capitol Hill residents & visitors since 1873. Thanks to Heather Champ for providing the photos.

We lived in the Capitol Hill Historic District for 12 years, in a drafty row house built in 1837. Or at least the front part of the house was. The kitchen, which had been a stand-alone structure, was connected around 1900.

I loved that cramped but oh-so-comfy house, with the postage-stamp backyard & the city street lite that shined in our bedroom window every nite. I loved our weekend routine in that neighborhood, too. Every Saturday, we'd sleep in, eat breakfast, & mosey on down to Eastern Market to recycle, and pick up fresh veggies & fragrant flowers, along with a few trinkets every so often, provided by the flea market merchants on the sidewalk outside.

That weekly routine ended when we moved to the proverbial 'Burbs, but the Market has never been far from us, physically & emotionally. We still journey down there several times a year to take in the flea market & a burger at the nearby Tune Inn. The only thing that has changed is we can't shop inside the Market any more.

The structure burned in a spectacular blaze exactly 2 years ago on April 30th. Since then, merchants have been housed in a temporary building across the street, while vendors & flea marketeers still use the outside space on the sidewalks & the nearby junior high blacktop to sell their wares. Meanwhile, reconstruction & rehabilitation have been underway on the 136-year-old structure, with no due date set yet for completion.

City officials classified the fire's origins as "undetermined," which just makes me sad. That means the fire could have been an accident...likely electrical...or it could have been arson.

Fie on anyone who'd want to destroy a piece of my family's history...and my heart.

Editor's Note: One more of Mrs. Scribe's contributions to May's entries in the Random Complexity Writing Challenge. 297 words.


Susie said...

That is horrible!! We are the youngest country but no past and this is why! I hope they find a way to restore it...soon!!

mannequin said...

Oh my goodness. Capitol Hill Historic district is gorgeous. What lovely way to spend twelve years, in a big drafty house.
And so sad about the marketplace. I hate to learn of the death of a building.

Karen said...

How sad that someone may have done that :-(

I love those markets. We have some that operate in summer, around here, but they are not as good as that one !!

There were some, that were much the same as yours, that I used to go to when I was home in NZ. Can't wait to go to them again !!

Lynda said...

Holy cow! That's just awful.

Shawn said...

How sad----I hope they can bring it back to life. Would love to have some place like that right around the corner....

Tori_z said...

That's a shame. I hope they don't change things inside too much when they re build it.

Marrdy said...

How sad. I hope they can get it fixed up soon.


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