Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mom Gone Wild

Received a lovely e-mail from a parent the other day. A little background before I unleash this Mom Gone Wild on ya.

I, Mrs. Scribe, work as the Newspaper Adviser at Our Humble High School. Our student-run paper is totally self-supporting. It receives not a dime from Principal Man, Superintendent Man, nor any other persons in charge of dinero for Our Humble School District.

Hence, my cherubs sell ads. These moderately priced advertisements are well-received by the local business community, which feels it is getting a great deal plus loves supporting the local high school. The money my students earn, in turn, goes to pay for computer & camera equipment, as well as for the printing of the paper every 2 weeks. Pretty "hands on" life lesson, ain't it?

Students are required to sell 1 ad per quarter to qualify for an "A" in the newspaper production class. Most students fulfill this obligation, no problema. Some students, however, choose to bypass the business community & go straight to good ol' Mom & Dad, who purchase the ad instead. Smells a tad like they're buying a grade, but whatever works for them.

When students bring in an ad financed by Mommy & Daddy, I generally rib them. After all, one of the reasons the cherubs sell ads is to learn responsibility. But I'm never mean. I'm never cruel.

On the day in question addressed in the following e-mail, I had already gently teased a half a dozen of the lazy buggers. The student in question, whose Mommy chose to spew venom & vitriol in a nasty screed to Mrs. Scribe, is a senior in high school. She's 18. She's been my student for 4 years. We've always been cordial. She's a really smart kid. And she always gets an "A," because Mommy buys it every quarter.

So sit back, relax, & enjoy. The run-on sentences, fact errors, atrocious punctuation & off-the-charts hyperbole have not been added for effect. Walk a moment in my shoes. It's pretty amusing, sometimes.

Mrs. Scribe:

[My daughter] was very, very upset when she came home from school today. When I asked her what was wrong, she let me know that you said;

"I can't believe that you got into such good schools because you are so lazy". This is not the first time my daughter's have told me of insulting things that you have said to and about them but, I have had enough of this type of behavior. I have higher expectations than that for any adult and certainly for any staff of [Our Humble] high school. So that we have it clear, I accompanied [my daughter] to seven different places in order for them to place an Ad in the [school newspaper], but due to the current economic conditions, it was not surprising that no one was interested in an Ad for $40 plus. I know that the criteria for an "A" in your class is that you must sell an Ad every semester, and [my daughter] did her best to fulfill that obligation. To relieve any stress I choose to buy an Ad... My attempt to alleviate [my daughter's] stress and time constraints were futile since you felt it necessary to degrade my child once again. I do not presume to know what it is like to walk in your shoes, and you have know idea what it is like to walk in her shoes. In the future I would ask you to please treat her with the respect she deserves as I expect her to do the same with you.

I'm guessing Mom Gone Wild is not much of a Scribe Fan, huh? Guess she's perturbed from shelling out $480 ($40 per quarter x 12) the last 3 years (no ad sales requirements in Intro to Journalism, thank goodness!) to acquire an "A" for her little girl. In an elective, which means nobody's forcing her to be there.

Wonder if Mommy plans to go to college next year, too.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

:) :) :) Oh, do I relate! I work in school administration for an early childhood school and have received ridiculous letters like this. Our culture has really lost the needed respect for educators and put children on a high pedestal before their time.

Sean Hogan said...

Two random things:
1) I saw a kid wearing an "OHHS" shirt yesterday.

2) We listened to a William Zinsser tape in one of my classes.

Figured both would make you laugh!

HappyChyck said...

It only costs $40 a quarter to get an A? What a deal! JK!

Tara R. said...

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Mister Teacher said...

Whats you're problem with this lady she obviously has know problem with ewe I think its two easy too make funn of hers for you and thems.

Shawn said...

Oh no! $40.oo is just way too much for an ad...what are you thinking?

Heh, heh.

I used to be on a newpaper staff in high school----the cartoonist, don'tcha know----and oh, the politics of the newspaper staff---such drama.

dkzody said...

I hear you, Ms Scribe...I too take a lot of venom from parents because not only do I require them to sell ads for the yearbook, I require them to BUY the yearbook. It's your product, buy it for god's sake. I had one mommy scream at me at Grade Distribution Night saying all I cared about was money. Darn tootin, I have a bill to pay. That made her even more mad.

Columbia Lily said...

ah....parents. I found out one of my little darlins has been punching a girl in the head and back for about a week and she finally got fed up and told the principal. This is the same kid who told his dad he couldn't do his homework because I refused to give him the notes. When I pointed out that he had thrown them on the floor the day previous in a big snit, dad said kid had been having a bad day and could I just give him some replacements?


LadyStyx said...

*shakes head*

Marrdy said...

I think techers deserve more respect and support than they EVER get. I do dislike parents like this. Mayne they should stop "paying" their kids way and teach them to have a backbone! Sorry you had to deal with this on top of teaching day in and day out!

OKP said...

Oh, I hear you. Angry mommies and daddies are no fun. Their diatribes are legend. My good friend is also yearbook, and this kind of stuff happens to her all the time. But it gets even more outrageous.

Most recently, a counselor at my school was asked to change the name of a class that the cherub was failing. Um, yeah, 'cause a counselor could just go in and make AP Biology regular biology. Or marine science. Hey, why not cosmology or nuclear particle physics?


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