Monday, April 6, 2009

Daffy for Daffodils!

Spring is here for sure, y'all! I knew it was coming when I saw the glorious Cherry Blossoms, but now I'm 100 percent positive. Fo' Shizzle! What a great way to start off Spring Break, huh?


Amy said...

For giggles look at the ten-day forecast for Pittsburgh.

HappyChyck said...

How pretty! I haven't seen any signs of spring. Maybe I should look more closely.

Oh wait! I had weeds coming up in the crack in the sidewalk. Green. Spring. We're there.

Susie said...

Yeah Spring!! I am so excited!!

Z's Mom said...

Hope you have a great spring break!

We had the pretty daffodils a couple of weeks ago. If there are any still living today in St. Louis though it'll be a miracle. :(

LadyStyx said...

very pretty!

Marrdy said...

I do love daffodils. I am seeing more of my violas..but alas snow is coming again tomorrow!


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