Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's Day & The Farting Frog

OK. Some of you might have noticed that yesterday was April 1. That would be April Fool's Day. A few of you also might have guessed that Mrs. Scribe did not write the post that perched upon this blog yesterday. Not my style. Plus, I don't teach history. Duh, now!

I was involved in a bit of April Foolery yesterday, sponsored by none other than Mr. Teacher. He got all his bloggy friends together, and had them post to each other's blogs, thereby totally confusing readers, hither & yon.

My post for April 1, entitled, "Mrs. Scribe has Left the Building," appeared over at So You Want to Teach. Joel, the proprietor over there, does not rant. He does not rave. So yesterday's ranting rave, penned by moi, probably positively dumfounded his readers.

The lovely, logical & quite informative post that appeared at my place yesterday was written by EHT of History is Elementary. Yes, I still teach High School Journalism. And no, I don't do history projects with elementary school students...but she does!

To add mayhem to the mix, I've been dying to show you my neighbor's frog. He's weathered many a spring rain...and snow...storm, and still manages to maintain his pleasant demeanor. And I also wanted to turn you on to a funky writing site. It's called The Farting Frog. The author calls his blog "A cultural truck stop for those with a tiny attention span."

To close this disjointed & just plain weird post today, here's a haiku from TFF:

Lonely lily pad
Once pride of the pond, now home
To a farting frog

The End. For today, at least!
Editor's Note: Mrs. Scribe's April Fool's Day Post was the first in her scribblings for the Random Complexity Writing Contest. This entry weighed in at 430 words.


Marrdy said...

Not only can I NOT spell..I should have read this post before I left a comment on the previous post. I was sure you taught in a High School and not History. So, yes, I was very confused. Great April Fools joke! I totally fell for it!

Lynda said...

You tricker, you!

Elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to hijack your blog yesterday and post about my college activity with my fourth and fifth graders.

It was so much fun and I enjoyed reading the comments your readers left.

I'm off to link to several new blogs that I became aware of through our trickery. :)

Z's Mom said...

HA...what a nice Haiku!

Joel said...

Yeah, I think that might explain why I didn't get a single comment on that post. Nobody knew what to do with it. Haha.

Kristen said...

saying hi from SITS :)

CBeth said...

I knew it wasn't you yesterday because you didn't attend Reinhardt College and you ARE NOT in a sorority! But instead of asking, I was just confused...

Marrdy said...

Melissa!!!! Did you watch this game? Your boys did a great job. Congrats to the Washington Wizards!


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