Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Mom's a Rock Star, Right?

The Mom Quiz, acquired from Deanna, of Deanna's Corner. No, it's not Mother's Day yet, & yes, it's still March. Just have your kids take this quiz Because, OK?

Answers courtesy of Ella Numera Una y Ella Numera Dos. Try to tell which one of Mrs. Scribe's personal Cherubs is going to be the loquacious lawyer & which is the tenacious Scandinavian:

1. What is something Mom always says to you?
Numera Una: You're room looks like a pig sty.

2. What makes Mom happy?
Numera Una: When she comes home from work and the dishwasher is emptied, the kitchen is clean and all the other odd jobs are taken care of.

Numera Dos: Me calling her.
3. What makes Mom sad?
Numera Una: Not much. Sometimes sappy movies or TV news stories. And thinking about her parents.

4. How does your Mom make you laugh?
Numera Una: By making up her own lyrics to popular songs and unpopular songs, and dancing.
Numera Dos: She reminds me of something/someone ridiculous like my swim coaches.
5. What was your Mom like as a child?
Numera Una: Probably a lot like me. A little bit bossy, smart, funny, liked school. But she definitely was mischievous.

Numera Dos: Rebellious
6. How tall is your Mom?
Numera Una (who is on the petite side): TALL. 5 feet 9 or 10 inches.
Numera Dos (who is now taller than her Mom): 5'8", she claims!
7. What is her favorite thing to watch on TV?
Numera Una: The news. Seinfeld and old movies.
Numera Dos: Seinfeld.
8. What does your Mom do when you're not around?
Numera Una: BLOGS! Goes to the beach. Gardens. Reads. Takes a nap.
Numera Dos: Blogs.
9. If your Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
Numera Una: Writing. I think she should write a novel.
Numera Dos: Writing.
10. What is your Mom really good at?
Numera Una: Writing. Again, I think she should write a novel. She's pretty good at giving advice and solving my problems as well. And really good at editing my papers; she still does it and I'm a senior in college!
Numera Dos: Writing and helping me with my writing.
11. What is your Mom not very good at?
Numera Una: Not much. Probably thinking that she's always right when she's not. But I have that problem, too.
Numera Dos: Math and singing.
12. What is your Mom's favorite food?
Numera Una: Tex-Mex and chocolate.
Numera Dos: Steak?
13. What makes you proud of your Mom?
Numera Una: I think that her career has made me proud of her. She has shown me that you can make your passions and work a priority and still have a family. Her relationship with my Dad has also makes me very proud. And her general awesomeness makes me proud every day.
Numera Dos: When she doesn't wear "Mom" clothes.
14. If your Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Numera Una: Lucy from Peanuts.
15. What do you and your Mom do together?
Numera Una: Go to the beach. Usually just hang, sometimes go to the mall or run errands. A big one is going to Starbucks because she is addicted. And watch movies or go out to eat.
Numera Dos: Eat, shop and watch movies.
16. How are you and your Mom the same?
Numera Una: We have very similar personalities. We have the same sense of humor, share some of the same opinions (we're both very opinionated) and talk a lot.
Numera Dos: I've got some of her Texan in me.
17. How are you and your Mom different?
Numera Una: When our opinions clash and we argue about them.
Numera Dos: I'm very Norwegian!
18. How do you know your Mom loves you?
Numera Una: Because she supports me in everything I do, no matter what it is. Because she'll call me three times a day to remind me of something. She makes me call her no matter where I'm traveling to when I leave and when I arrive. And because she cries at my swim meets.
Numera Dos: She picks the shrimp out of my jambalaya.
19. What does your Mom like most about your Dad?
Numera Una: I think his odd sense of humor. He tells some pretty bad jokes but she always at least smiles and usually laughs.
Numera Dos: He does the laundry.
20. Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
Numera Una: Duck, North Carolina.

Numera Dos: The beach.


Lynda said...

How did they do? Sounds like they know their mom!

Susie said...

I think the first one is going to be a lawyer:-)

Tara R. said...

This was great! I may have to steal this idea... I'll give you major props if I do.

Z's Mom said...

That is so sweet!

Your "general awesomeness!" rock!

Nance said...

"She picks the shrimp out of my jambalaya." This is most telling. In Kidville, this earns you a Major Award. This, and scratching his/her back.

Tracy P. said...

Oh, do I ever love the way this shows how different they are! Did you do a word count? Yah, numera dos is definitely the Scandehuvian of few words. Holy buckets. I will have to do this for mother's day.

Marrdy said...

What a good mom you are! And you should listen to me and your girls...write a novel!!

And you are very tall!


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