Monday, February 9, 2009

"You're welcome."

Courtesy of Reuters Pictures, a powerful image indeed. If you haven't yet seen Katie Couric's riveting interview with Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger on 60 Minutes, you should. She then went on to interview the other 4 crew members & included footage of a reunion with passengers from Flight1549. The piece aired last nite.

The above photo, or one like it, will likely win the Pulitzer Prize. Couric's 60 Minutes package should win something, too. The gal flat-out knows how to capture the essence of emotion.

The interview with Sully can be viewed here. The story about the interview can be read here. Please spend some time perusing CBS's splendid coverage.

Couric asked Sully if the passengers talked to him after all had evacuated.

"One man did. He said, 'You saved my life, thank you'."

And how did the captain respond?

"You're welcome."


Lynda said...

Oh, I heard Sully was a Texan by birth... of course! ;-)

Tiffany said...

I missed that interview. Quite an amazing story though.

Susie said...

I saw it and she did a great job! He is just remarkable!

dkzody said...

Just an FYI, the book he was carrying may have been checked out in Danville, but it actually came from Fresno State's library. His notice of the lost book made the front page here in Fresno. We are unaccustomed to such integrity in these parts.

Wanderlust said...

A moving and inspiring story. Not only how the crew reacted, but also how quickly the first responders reacted.

Veggie Mom said...

This story touched me, too. And I was so excited to see that Katie did a follow-up tonite as well. What a compelling tale the crew of Flight 1549 has to tell! PS: I'm having another Pop'rs Giveaway, and I KNOW you want to enter!

Marrdy said...

Love that picture and Captain Sully. What a humble man!


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